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Microsoft Outlook Webmail

New Features in Outlook 2010

Outlook 2010 has a number of new features. This document briefly discusses many of the changes.

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The premium version of Outlook Web App can now be used with Internet Explorer, Safari, and Firefox. To make sure your browser is supported, see the Microsoft help document Outlook Web App Supported Browsers. The light version offers greater accessibility. Consider using Outlook Web App Light if:

You can choose which version to use in Options » See All Options » Settings » General. Refer to the Microsoft help document General Tab for a description of the settings available in the General tab.

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There are several new features to help prevent you from sending an email to the wrong people.

If you do not have permission to send an email to a group, a warning will appear at the top of the messageLack Permission warning

If you ignore the warning and click SEND, you will receive an email from Microsoft Outlook saying that your message cannot be delivered because the address is restricted. This prevents unauthorized people from sending messages to public groups.

If you click REPLY ALL instead of REPLY, and the email will be sent to many people, a warning will appear at the top of the message.
Reply All warning

If you send an email to someone who has Automatic Replies (Out of Office) turned on, you will immediately receive a response with their chosen message.

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Staff members can have their voice mail sent to their email. This allows you to listen to your voice mail whenever you can access your email account. Refer to the Microsoft help document Set Up Your Voice Mail for instructions. Voice Mail Settings describes the various options you have, including voice mail greetings, notification options, and text preview of voice messages. You can also choose to receive text messages on your mobile phone when a voice message is left.

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If your mobile operator is AT&T, Sprint PCS, T-Mobile, or Verizon Wireless, you can have text messages sent from your email to your phone. You can choose to receive a text message when you receive a voice message, an email that meets the requirements you set, or when a calendar event meets the requirements you set. To set up text messaging, refer to the Microsoft help document Configuring Text Messaging and Notifications.

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Office Communicator instant messaging (IM) is integrated with Outlook Web App 2010. The Microsoft help document Chat in Outlook Web App has a video demonstrating how to chat in Outlook, and links to instructions on adding people to your chat contact list and chatting with a contact, along with other helpful information.

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You can allow others to view your calendar. This makes it easier to schedule meetings or appointments, and lets them know when you are or are not available. You determine how much information others can see. Refer to the Microsoft help documents Sharing a Calendar and Calendar Sharing Permissions for information. To open a calendar that someone else has shared with you, see Viewing a Shared Calendar.

For general information about the calendar, see the document Calendar. The video demonstrates how to navigate the calendar, set up appointments, and request meetings.

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Formerly known as distribution lists in Outlook, groups allow you to email a large number of people at once. You could create groups for a class, a committee, or any other collection of people you regularly email together. The Microsoft help document Contacts describes groups and individual contacts; for information on creating groups, see Create a Group. Public groups are in UW-Eau Claire's address book (e.g., members of a course, members of a program, etc.) You may join or leave a public group.
NOTE: Some public groups may automatically reject requests to join.

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