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Microsoft Excel 2007/2008

Pointer Shapes

As with other Microsoft programs, the pointer often changes its shape as you work in Excel. Each pointer shape indicates a different mode of operation. This document provides a table describing the various pointer shapes you may see while working in Excel 2007/2008.

Shape Context Action
Basic Pointer The default pointer shape; appears in most Excel workspace contexts Moves cell pointer or selects a range of cells
Double Arrow
Double Arrow
Appears when the pointer is on the border of a window Adjusts window size
Row Divider
Column Divider
Appears when the pointer is between a row or column divider Adjusts height and width of rows and columns
Insertion Point Appears when you are editing cell contents Provides a text insertion point
Arrow Pointer
Appears when the pointer is on a column or row heading Selects columns or rows

Windows:Move Object pointer

Macintosh:Hand cursor

Appears when the pointer is placed over a cell border, graphic, or other object Moves cells, graphics, or objects
Fill Pointer
Appears when the pointer is on the "fill corner" of a cell or cell range AutoFills other cells with similar information
Windows only:Standard Office pointer

Appears when mouse is placed over the Ribbon

The standard Microsoft Windows pointer; selects Ribbon and menu options
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