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Adobe Dreamweaver CS3

Applying Paragraph and Text Styles

Formatting text and paragraphs in Dreamweaver is similar to formatting them in Microsoft Word in that it can be edited piece by piece as you create your documents. However, the most efficient way to format text and paragraphs in Dreamweaver is by using styles.

A style is a preformatted definition of how selected text will appear on the web page. For example, a style called Heading 1 applies a large font size, bold, and an indent to the selected text. Dreamweaver styles are supported by HTML codes. You can add styles by using the Text menu, the Properties pane, or Cascading Style Sheets (CSS). When adding styles, keep in mind that most styles affect the entire paragraph and not just a portion of it. This document explains how to apply styles and format text and paragraphs.

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Applying paragraph styles will enhance your document. Paragraph styles are a good way to make your page more navigable with the use of bigger font sizes and bold headings. 

  1. Select the text to be formatted
    Place the insertion point within the paragraph to be formatted
    HINT: Remember that styles apply to the entire paragraph.

  2. In the Properties pane, from the Format pull-down list, select the appropriate option
    Format pull-down list

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Applying text styles enhances your web page by varying the design of words or characters.

Applying Text Formatting: Properties Pane

  1. Select the text to be formatted

  2. In the Properties pane, click the appropriate button(s)
    Properties pane

Applying Text Formatting: Text Menu

The Text menu is used to adjust font style, weight (e.g., bold), relative size, effects (e.g., underlining), and font color.

  1. Select the text to be formatted

  2. From the Text menu, select the desired attribute » the appropriate action
    Text menu: Paragraph Formatting

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