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Adobe Acrobat 9 Pro

Setting Redaction Properties

Adobe Acrobat 9 Pro allows you to censor selected text and images from PDF documents. By default, redacted materials are covered by black blocks. If you would like to modify the appearance of these redaction marks, you can easily do so. You may change the fill color of the redacted area and you may use overlay text. For more information on redacting materials in PDF documents, refer to Redacting Selected Text or Images, or Using Search and Redact.

Existing redaction marks cannot be modified.
If you have marked text or images for redaction and do not like the appearance of your redaction marks, you may delete the marks (before applying redactions), reset the redaction properties, and mark for redaction again.

  1. From the View menu » select Toolbars » Redaction
    The Redaction toolbar appears.
    Redaction toolbar

  2. Click REDACTION PROPERTIESRedaction Properties button
    The Redaction Tool Properties dialog box appears.
    Redaction Tool Properties dialog box: Appearance tab

  3. Select the Appearance tab

  4. From the Redacted Area Fill Color box, select the desired color

  5. OPTIONAL: To use text that overlays the redacted area
    1. Select Use Overlay Text
      NOTE: An option is selected when a check mark appears before it.
    2. In the Overlay Text section, make the desired font format selections
    3. Select either Custom Text or Redaction Code
      NOTE: A dot will appear next to the option when it is selected.
    4. If you choose Custom Text, in the Custom Text text box, type the desired overlay text
      If you choose Redaction Code, under Code Sets and Code Entries, make the desired selections

  6. Click OK
    The redaction properties have been set.

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