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Adobe Acrobat 9 Pro

Printing PDF Documents

Adobe Acrobat allows you to set properties for printing. This document explains the basic process of printing PDF files, as well as some of the options available for printing documents. For more information on printing, please refer to Printing Options and The Printer Properties Dialog Box.

  1. Open the PDF document you want to print

  2. From the File menu, select Print...

    From the File toolbar, click PRINTPrint button
    The Print dialog box appears.
    Print dialog box

  3. From the Name pull-down list, select the printer you want to use

  4. From the Print Range section, select All

  5. From the Page Handling section, in the Copies text box, type the desired number of copies you want printed

  6. Select additional options as desired
    A preview of the page will appear in the Preview section.
    Options vary according to printer capabilities and the type of document you are printing.

    Page Handing Option
    Page Scaling: None Does not change the document scale. If the image is too big to fit on the selected paper size, it is cropped.
    Page Scaling: Fit to Printable Area Enlarges and shrinks document images to fit within the currently selected paper size.
    Page Scaling: Shrink to Printable Area Shrinks large pages to fit within the selected paper size, but does not enlarge small pages.
    Page Scaling: Tile large pages Splits large pages into smaller sections for printing.
    Page Scaling: Tile all pages Divides all pages into smaller sections or tiles. Specify the size that the pages will appear when printed in the Tile Scale box.
    Page Scaling: Multiple pages per sheet Prints multiple pages on one sheet. It will automatically scale the pages to fit within the selected paper size.
    Page Scaling: Booklet Printing Prints pages as if it were part of a book. One printed page contains two PDFs side-by-side.
    Auto-Rotate and Center Centers the image on the printed page, as well as rotating the page to compensate for any crookedness.
    Choose paper source by PDF page size Uses the size of the PDF to automatically determine the proper paper size. Choosing this option will override any page size set in the Page Setup option.
    Print color as black Prints all colors, except white, as black.
    Print to file Creates a PostScript file of the document. This is a useful alternative if your printer cannot read Adobe documents.

  7. Click OK
    The PDF document will print from the selected printer.

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