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Adobe Acrobat 9 Pro

Using Copy and Paste in PDF Files

You may want to copy and paste non-text information or images in a PDF file. With Adobe Acrobat 9 Pro, this task is simple. This document takes you through the steps to copy and paste tables or images from one document to another or within the same document.

NOTE: Text cannot be copied into a PDF unless it is being copied into a form field or markup note. In order to alter text, the creator of the PDF must change the source document (i.e., make changes in Microsoft Word or Excel) and then create a new PDF. For more information on creating PDF files or markup notes, refer to (Creating a PDF File and Using the Text Edits Tools).

WARNING: Some PDF files are created with security features that prevent others from copying. Before copying and using material, you should make sure it is not copyrighted.

  1. From the Select & Zoom toolbar, click the SELECT TOOL buttonSelect Tool button

  2. Select the desired text, table, or image

  3. From the Edit menu, select Copy
    Press [Ctrl] + [C]

  4. If you are pasting the copied selection into another document, open the document you want to paste the text, table, or image into

  5. Select the desired location for the copied selection
    In a PDF file, text can only be pasted into a form field or markup note.
    You must first double-click a markup note to paste text inside of an it.

  6. From the Edit menu, select Paste
    Press [Ctrl] + [V]
    The selected text is pasted in the desired location.

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