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Learn about Procurement Travel (PT) Card logs

While Procurement Travel (PT) Cards are managed through Purchasing, the UW-Eau Claire Travel Manager audits PT Logs.

All travel policies and rules for reimbursement also apply to PT-Cards/Logs. Please go to Travel Policies on UW TravelWIse to see more information regarding policies.

If there are any questions regarding how you can and cannot use your PT card, please contact the UW-Eau Claire Travel Manager.

                                                          Go to eForms                             UW TravelWIse

On a biweekly basis, PT-logs are run based on the Statement Dates from US Bank. These are automatically pulled into your My Tasks section of eForms. Please attach the needed documentation and submit this on a regular basis. If you are questioning what documentation is needed, please contact the UW-Eau Claire Travel Manager. Generally, bank statement, receipts, and an agenda is needed for all PT logs.

Top 5 PT Log Send Back Reasons:

1. Agenda Needed

An agenda, conference information, or a travel itinerary is needed for all PT Logs

2. Sales Tax Issue

UWEC is tax-exempt, therefore we cannot pay taxes in WI. Taxes paid in WI must be returned to the University either from the vendor or personal funds

3. Receipt Needed/Itemized Receipt

All transactions require itemized receipts

4. Missing Bank Statement

Every PT-log requires the correlating Bank Statement from US Bank

5. Rental Vehicle Issue

All gas receipts must have correlating rental vehicle receipt attached to the log
Reminder: We cannot pay for: Refueling Charges through Enterprise, car seats, GPS, Toll Passes, Satellite Radio, Etc.

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