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Resources for planning your next trip

Make sure to plan your travel in advance. Please follow the Travel Checklists below for help in your planning stages.

  • TravelWIse Resources Go to UW TravelWIse for additional resources for the planning stage.
  • Travel Checklists

    Rental Vehicle Availability

    Due to an industry-wide fleet reduction due to the COVID-19 pandemic and a surge in rental vehicle demand, supply may be very limited into the year 2022. UW System Ground Transportation Policy has two mandatory business use contracts: Enterprise and National- Big 10 (primary) and Hertz - State Contract (secondary). Travelers are to book through these mandatory contracts before seeking rental vehicles directly from other vendors. If you cannot obtain a rental through the primary or secondary contract, an alternate rental company may be used and insurance must be purchased through the rental company

    The U.S. State Department is experiencing significantly longer than usual passport processing times.

    Currently, standard passport processing time is 18 weeks; expedited processing of 12 weeks is available at additional cost. Any U.S. passport holder aspiring to do international travel during 2021-22 should check their passport expiration date and apply early for renewal or a first-time passport. Passport timing should be planned around visa application submission requirements rather than travel departure date. For additional information and updates, visit the U.S. State Department website.

    Preparing to Pay

    There are three different ways to pay for travel expenses:

    Procurement Travel (PT) Card

    This is a university issued credit card in which the university is liable.

    • Allowable expenses on PT cards are:
      • Airfare, Registration, Lodging, Vehicle rental, Gas for rental vehicle.
    • Make sure to save receipts.
    • Requirement to complete a PT log.
    • Procurement Travel Card Application.

    See Credit Cards (Procurement + Travel Cards) for additional information. 

    US Bank Corporate Card

    This is a university issued card that has personal liability, meaning that the cardholder is responsible for making the statement payments.

    See Credit Cards (Procurement + Travel Cards) for additional information. 

    Personal Funds

    Personal card with personal liability.

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