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Firstsource + Travel

Firstsource + Travel Support Team

The Firstsource Support Team strives to provide support for the administrative service needs of faculty and staff at UW-Eau Claire. The Firstsource Team assists with questions needs related to Travel, Accounts Payable, Human Resources, Purchasing, Budget & Resource Planning, University Accounting, and Risk Management & Safety.

Travel + COVID-19 - What to do? (Updated 5/22/2020)

Many travelers have concerns about their travel arrangements and reimbursement. Travel disruption is affecting everyone across the nation.

Anyone who wishes to travel or attend a virtual event is to submit a request through the Shared Financial System (SFS) Travel Authorization module. The vice chancellor of your division will evaluate your travel request.

UW-Eau Claire has the safety and well-being of our students and employees as a top priority; and, the Firstsource Support Team is here to help!

As always, the Firstsource Support Team, 715-836-3131, is available to assist with your travel and reimbursement questions.

New Updates Coming July 1!

  • More user-friendly 
  • Easier to find information 
  • More consistent with other UW sites 


  • UW System Travel understands that one agency can’t be all things to all travelers. As a result, they have contracted with specialists in each market. 
    • Travel Inc
      • Employee Services, including group air & administrative groups of less than 10
        • Guests and students will not be able to book with Travel Inc
    • Fox World Travel 
      • University groups of 10 or more
    • Short's Travel Management 
      • NCAA Athletics


  • SFS is now your ”one-stop shop” for:
    • *NEW* Per Diem Calculator
    • Expense submissions
    • Travel authorizations


  • Lodging Policy now allows for usage of Airbnb, and full prepayment on lodging. Third Party Bookings are still restricted (such as Expedia and Orbitz).
    • VRBO and Home Away are also not allowed.
  • Reimbursement is allowed for Passports (must have business purpose).
    • Reimbursement for Real IDs is not an allowable expense.
  • Vehicle Rental Policy now allows up to “mid-size SUV” to be rented without further explanation.
  • Employees must resubmit and return expense report within 90 days.
    • Any expenses that fall outside the 90 day rules will be considered taxable income. This rule applies if employees do not submit or resubmit after 90 days.
  • Day trip meal allowance continues to be at $15/day, however if meal is provided, employees are now still eligible to claim the day trip allowance (to account for many travelers who have more than one meal during a “day trip” scenario).

Please join in on travel agency trainings and webinars for the travel changes that are coming July 1. Visit the link below to sign up for online trainings! 

Register for July Agency Transition Webinars 

Travel Checklists

Students, Candidates, & Guests UW-Employee Vistor's Travel Guide

Top 5 Travel Expense Reports Send Back Reasons:

  1. Receipts Missing 
  2. Agenda Missing 
  3. Meals Related 
  4. Expense Type Incorrect 
  5. Additional Explanation Needed 
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