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Firstsource + Travel

Firstsource + Travel Support Team

The Firstsource Support Team strives to provide support for the administrative service needs of faculty and staff at UW-Eau Claire. The Firstsource Team assists with inquiries related to Travel, University Accounting, Accounts Payable, Human Resources, Purchasing, and Risk Management + Safety. Contact the Firstsource Support Team, 715-836-3131 or, anytime you have questions or would like assistance.

Travel Authorization 

Effective immediately, Travel Authorizations (TAs) are no longer required at division level

Below is the new, simplified travel procedure:

  • The traveler/participant books the travel and/or registers for the event following UW-System Travel Policies and Procedures.
    • Prior authorization is determined by the department and is to be communicated by the chair/director to the faculty/staff.
      • Requests will no longer be forwarded to the division head.
  • Depending on the payment method used, the traveler (or alternate) submits their expense through either a Travel Expense Report in the Shared Financial System (SFS) Portal or a Procurement Travel (PT) Log in eforms for approval.

New Tax-Exempt Number

UW System’s Tax-Exempt number has changed. Please make note that our new tax-exempt number is ES 008-1020421203-13. If you need to show proof of your tax-exempt status while making business purchases, use the following link, Tax Exempt Status Proof.

More information can be found on System’s webpage, Wisconsin Sales Tax Exemption.

Rental Vehicle Availability

Due to an industry-wide fleet reduction due to the COVID-19 pandemic and a surge in rental vehicle demand, supply may be very limited into the year 2022. UW System Ground Transportation Policy has two mandatory business use contracts: Enterprise and National- Big 10 (primary) and Hertz - State Contract (secondary). Travelers are to book through these mandatory contracts before seeking rental vehicles directly from other vendors. If you cannot obtain a rental through the primary or secondary contract, an alternate rental company may be used and insurance must be purchased through the rental company.

Unravel Your Travel (+ Events)

Want to learn more about planning, booking, and reimbursing for travel and events?

We offer 30-minute live virtual trainings that are department specific and cover physical travel + virtual event participation. The training includes: policy updates, best practices for planning, booking, and reimbursing travel for students, faculty/staff, and guest/candidate travel, and the top TER and PT log send-back reasons for your department and how to avoid them. There will also be time provided for questions and discussion. Please contact UW-Eau Claire Travel Manager, Shawn Seuferer, with two potential meeting times and dates you wish to have the Firstsource Support Team provide this live virtual presentation to your department/unit.

Register for Upcoming UW Travel Webinars and listen to past webinars

As always, the Firstsource Support Team, 715-836-3131, is available to assist with your travel and reimbursement questions.

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