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Types of Student Employment


Work Study is a federally funded employment program awarded to students who demonstrate financial need.  A work study award is an option to work, not a requirement or a guaranteed job.  If students receive work study as part of their financial aid award, they may apply for work study jobs and are eligible to earn up to the amount of their work study award.  Close to 1,000 students work under this program each year.

Non-federal Student Employment is funded through the university funds that are allocated to the university academic departments or administrative offices.  This type of employment is not based on financial need, and any UW-Eau Claire student may work under this program.  Over 3,000 positions are available under university-funded student employment each year.


The university maintains a Job Location and Development Program that develops hundreds of part-time jobs in the local community each year, as well as summer positions.  Those jobs are opened to any UW-Eau Claire student.