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    Tuition and Fees

2018-2019 Estimated Cost of Attendance

9 Month Academic Year

UNDERGRADUATE                  (Full time 12 - 18 credits)       
  WI Res MN Res Non-Res MSEP
Tuition and Fees 8,830 8,830 17,106 11,980
Room and Meals - estimate  7,743  7,743   7,743  7,743
Estimates of additional expenses:        
Books and Supplies - est.*   400    400    400    400
Personal - est. 2,286 2,286 2,286 2,286
Transportation - est. 1,030 1,030 1,030 1,030
Total 20,289 20,289 28,565 23,439

GRADUATE                            (Full time 9 credits)       
Graduate students' living expenses are the same as undergraduate. Tuition and fees, books and supplies for graduate students are:
WI Res MN Res Non-Res MSEP
Tuition and Fees 9,330 10,586 18,924 13,050
Books and Supplies  700  700   700   700

 * Textbook rental fees are included in the tuition/fee figures and represent a significant service to our undergraduate students.

The budget components listed above are estimated expenses. The University will bill students only for their tuition and fees and (if they live in the residence halls) their room and meals (for further information you can go to meal plans) . Remaining expenses will be based on the individual student's personal living expenses.

For students who live at home, an estimate of $5,550 is used for the combine expenses of food, utilities, transportation, and personal expenses.

Wisconsin/Minnesota reciprocity

The current reciprocity agreement between Minnesota and Wisconsin enables a Minnesota resident to attend Wisconsin public institutions of higher education at rates approximating tuition prevailing in the Minnesota State University System. Those wishing to take advantage of this tuition remission must apply well in advance of their initial enrollment at a Wisconsin System institution. Approval covers the full year (including summer sessions) and is automatically renewed each year for the campus initially approved. You may apply at Online Tuition Reciprocity Application or if you have additional questions about reciprocity, contact the Minnesota Office of Higher Education at (800) 657-3866 or

Other non-resident students

If you are participating in the Midwest Student Exchange Program (MSEP), you may receive a discount on nonresident tuition. If you are a child or grandchild of an alumnus from UW-Eau Claire who is currently living outside Wisconsin or Minnesota, you may qualify for the Return to Wisconsin Program.  Return to Wisconsin is superseded by MSEP.

For information and questions on residency; check out our Wisconsin Residency Information for Tuition Purposes page.

Payment Information

A Budget Worksheet is provided to assist you in evaluating your resources and planning for your expenses.