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How to Apply

You do not need to complete a seperate institutional application for financial aid. 
Please keep in mind that the FAFSA is 'FREE'.  If you need help in completing the application, we would gladly offer free assistance.  You need to complete a FAFSA yearly to demonstrate financial need.

You may view a tutorial - 7 Easy Steps to the FAFSA .

Short tutorial on using the Data Retrieval Tool once you filed your FAFSA.

Priority date for incoming freshmen who wish aid for the 2017 - 18 academic year beginning in the fall should have the FAFSA completed by March 15 and continuing students should have the FAFSA completed by April 15.


Financial aid options for winterim are limited.  There is no application for a student to complete like there is for summer.  Students interested in winterim should check in with the Financial Aid office to determine if they have remaining eligibility to cover winterim classes.

Summer Financial Aid Application

Students who have registered for summer classes (or know the number of summer credits they will enroll for) may apply for summer financial aid.  The Summer Aid Application is available in the Finances Section of the Student Center in MyBlugold Camps.  The application is usually available the first week in February.

Each student must be enrolled at least halftime (6 credits for undergraduate, 3 credits for graduate) to be considered for aid (with the exception of less than halftime Pell Grant).

Summer is based on the  2017 - 18 FAFSA and annual limits for the 2018 aid year.  This may limit the amount of aid that a student receives,especially if annual loan maximums were used during the fall and spring semesters.  If you are not sure, we do advise students to apply for summer and receive a summer award notification.

-Additional Information about Summer Financial Aid-