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New education building

Education BuildingThe new education building will house UW-Eau Claire's College of Education and Human Sciences administrative units; significant new classroom space for use by the entire campus; the departments of education studies, English, foreign languages and special education; and select student support services, including Services for Students with Disabilities, the Student Success Network (providing writing, math and other academic support) and the Office of Multicultural Affairs.

Project budget: $44.5 million

Current status: Construction is proceeding toward on-time completion in November 2013, with the first classes in the facility scheduled for spring semester 2014. Take a video tour of the new building.

Approximate building size: 170,000 square feet

Location: Between Schneider Social Science Hall and Brewer Hall/Kjer Theatre/Zorn Arena complex. (Campus School was razed as a part of this project.)

Anticipated timeline:

  • October 2011:  Design complete
  • May 2012:  Begin construction
  • November 2013:  Construction completed
  • Spring 2014:  Classes begin in new building