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Providing a framework

Master planning will provide a comprehensive analysis of existing physical conditions and existing and projected physical needs, and develop recommendations for meeting those physical needs, providing a framework for the physical development of UW-Eau Claire for the next 20 years. The master plan will integrate academic and financial planning of the campus with physical development planning. The master plan process will include input from the UW-Eau Claire administration, faculty, staff and students; UW System and Division of State Facilities stakeholders; representatives of local government;

The campus master plan will provide recommendations for land use, space use, image and identity, access and circulation, parking, open space, athletic and recreation facilities, utilities, sustainability and potential acquisition. The plan will be informed by these aligned planning efforts; it will support academic planning and serve as the physical means for implementing the strategic plan.  The master plan will assess the condition and suitability of current facilities; identify appropriate physical solutions in conjunction with operational improvements; evaluate costs of solutions; seek funding sources; and assign roles and responsibilities for achieving the master plan recommendations. 

It is expected that this dynamic process and its associated products will guide the cohesive and comprehensive development of the UW-Eau Claire campus as it continues to evolve as a vibrant center of learning and living to meet the educational needs of the region and the state into the future.

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