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Solidarity and networking

Multicultural student organizations offer the chance for social interaction and enhancement of leadership skills, and each organization promotes cultural consciousness while offering peer support. Membership is open to all UW-Eau Claire students interested in multiculturalism and diversity. AMSLC is the annual American Multicultural Student Leadership Conference where nearly 500 multicultural students gather from all UW System campuses. In addition, students may attend a variety of other regional conferences that educate and empower.


An Organization based at the University Of Wisconsin-Eau Claire whose main goal is to promote education pertaining African culture, traditions, history and current events.

Contact ASA at or visit our social media:

Instagram   Facebook 

Weekly General Body Meeting

Tuesdays 5-6pm

Centennial Hall 1108

Weekly Executive Board Meeting

Tuesdays 6-7pm

Centennial Hall 1108

Executive Board

President:  Aderinola Adegoke,

Vice President:  Iman Dikko,

Secretary:  Eleni Seyoum,

Treasurer:  Dami Olotu,

Public Relations:  Sophia Flood Elyafi,

Activities Coordinator 1: Ernie Gilbert,

Activities Coordinator 2: Olu Famule,



Black Student Alliance is open to ALL UW-Eau Claire students, regardless of race or ethnicity. We meet on campus every other week to discuss upcoming events, fundraising opportunities, as well as improving our campus environment. We strive to provide students of color with the necessary resources to help enrich their overall experience here in Eau Claire.

BSA welcomes all members from ALL backgrounds. Our goal is to not only create a welcoming environment for all students, but to also improve the overall experience for African American students at the University. With these two goals, we hope to expand our presence here at this university so that all students can benefit from being a part of a more diverse college experience.

Contact BSA at or visit our social media:


Weekly General Body Meetings

Mondays 7:30-9pm

Centennial Hall 1931

Executive Board Meetings


Executive Board

President:  Marinez Smith,

Vice President:  Gary Butcher, II,

Secretary:  Miko Scott,

Treasurer:  BLandine Uwase,

Social Media:  

Facilitator:  Larrick Potvin,

Photographer:  Kendall McGinnis,

Programming Coordinator:  Tyree Mull,

Programming Coordinator:  Jalen Thomas,

Programming Coordinator:  Aderinola Adegoke,

Outreach Coordinator:  Ricardo Ruel,

Outreach Coordinator: Jeremiah Crisostomo,



The goal of the Hmong Student Association (HSA) is to help it's members thrive academically as well as encourage more engagement in the Hmong culture. Along side those goals, the Hmong Student Association works to enhance leadership skills of its members as well as promote awareness of the Hmong culture within the organization, on campus, and the community.

The HSA is much more than an organization, it is a family built to support Hmong individuals, and those who are willing to learn about the Hmong culture, as well as push each other to thrive in life.

Contact HSA at or visit our social media:

Wix Website   Facebook   Instagram   Snapchat   Youtube

Bi-Weekly General Board Meetings

Every other Thursday 6:30-8pm

Centennial Hall 2704

Executive Board Meetings

Tuesdays 6:30-8:30pm

Centennial Hall 1106

Executive Board Members

President:  Nkauj Naag (Gaonang) Lee,

Vice President:  Chaly Vang,

Secretary:  Victoria Vu,

Treasurer:  Kevin Lee,

Public Relations:  Leader Thao,

Historian:  Kalia Lee,

Social Coordinator:  Olivia Khang,

Hmong Language Table:  Touger (Billy) Lor,



Inter-Tribal Student Council, or ITSC is a group of Native American students and non-native allies who are striving to educate not only the campus, but the community on Native American issues through panels, forums, and weekly meetings. Through campus events like film series presentations, a Round Dance fundraiser, participation in campus EDI discussions with the chancellor, and many more activities, joining the ITSC is a highly active and interactive way to make your voice heard about issues important to both native and non-native students.

Our ITSC members form bonds as students that carry into their futures as alumni, and returning to campus to participate in AIS and ITSC events is a wonderful way to remain involved in the important work and contributions of the council.

For more information contact the faculty advisor, Heather Ann Moody, at or contact the council at

Contact ITSC at or visit our social media:


Bi-Weekly General Body Meetings

Every other Monday 5-6pm

Executive Board Meetings


Executive Board Members

President:  Tressa Lange,

Vice President:  Edward Sobottka,

Treasurer:  Karissa Red Bear,


This multicultural organization is dedicated to celebrating Latino/Hispanic culture on campus and in the greater community.

Visit our social media:


Weekly General Body Meetings

Wednesdays 5-6pm

Centennial Hall 1108

Executive Board Meetings

Wednesday 6-7pm

Centennial Hall 1108

Executive Board Members

Co-Presidents:  Yunuen Torres,

Co-Presidents:  Monique Morales Briand,

Secretary:  Rafael Puga,

Treasurer & Social Chair:  Favian Contreras,


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