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OMA Graduation Reception

The Office of Multicultural Affairs Graduation Reception

The Office of Multicultural Affairs holds a Graduation Reception every semester for their graduates.


OMA Graduation
Please join us as we celebrate this milestone with our OMA graduates.

05/22/2020 | OMA Spring Graduation Reception

This award is given in recognition of a student who, through their commitment to OMA and the University, has demonstrated extraordinary cross-cultural leadership, global awareness, and enhanced our cultural communities on campus.

Past Recipients

Fall Semester 2019-2020: Nkauj Naag Lis, Adernola Adgoke, Rodrigo Mendoza, Edward Sobottka

Spring Semester 2018-2019: Jefferson M. Hall, Emmanuel Castellanos, Dluab Ci Khaab 

Fall Semester 2018-2019: Paj Tshiab, Terrell Butche II 

As staff members in the Office of Multicultural Affairs, we are proud of the commitment that we make in supporting our multicultural students at UWEC, but we also recognize that the efforts that we champion are done in collaboration with many stakeholders across the university. At each graduation celebration, our office recognizes a university staff member within and across our division for that collaborative partnership.

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