Building student leaders

From events and programs for pre-college students and Welcome Week activities for new freshmen, to campus celebrations of ethnic heritage and an annual multicultural leadership retreat, the OMA staff works hard to create a campus environment that welcomes and celebrates students from all culturally diverse backgrounds.

One of the main missions of OMA is to create and foster community for students of color, and to increase the overall awareness throughout campus about the multicultural issues and histories relevant to our students. The OMA programming is the most effective way to accomplish this part of the mission, and events throughout the academic year help meet this goal. Bonus? They're FUN! 

See the listing below for an idea of the typical events each year. Keep in mind that programming is subject to change somewhat, but these are the events and programs that can usually be expected.

OMA leadership retreat participants at Camp Manitou

Orientation for students of color

In addition to the main orientation sessions offered for incoming students and families, OMA conducts an orientation for incoming students of color. This session intends to build awareness of campus resources for students of color, in addition to the educational and cultural programs available. Through interactive participation, OMA will provide strategies to help SOC facilitate their transition from high school to college, as well as becoming actively involved in developing a sense of community and belonging at UW-Eau Claire.

See the listings below for a sampling of the types of programs and events that OMA brings to students each year. Some examples link to past flyers or posters to give more detailed examples.


Fall Semester Programming





  • Fall Graduation Recognition 
  • Kwanzaa Celebration (All) Annual
  • Study Break OMA(SOC) Annual

Spring Semester Programming





  • Culture Core (Sponsored by the Hmong Student Association)
  • Cesar Chavez Movie Screening 



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