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Heritage Months

Deconstructing [and] Celebrating

Heritage Months are important times to further amplify the experiences of historically marginalized populations through deconstructing and celebrating those cultures.

Latinx Heritage Month

Latinx Heritage Month works to meet the needs of the student, faculty, and staff population through programming and workshops.  The office works to highlight the diversity of Latin America and the multiple countries, people, and histories that are encompassed in the Latinx identity.  Like all heritage months, Latinx Heritage Month centers the voices and experiences of the Latinx student, faculty, and staff. 

Native American Heritage Month

Native American Heritage Month is a space where Indigenous students, faculty, and staff's voices and experiences are amplified.  The centering of Indigenous voices and experiences is vital to the office, as it ensures that all students needs are being met.  During Native American Heritage Month, programming is created to highlight the rich histories of the 12 nations in the state of Wisconsin.  Programming is also done to talk about the diversity of nations across the United States.

Black History Month

Black History Month centers the experiences of the Black community on campus.  It is a time to deconstruct and re-construct Black history in a way that amplifies the continuous contributions Black people have made to history.  During Black Heritage Month, there are multiple programs offered that exemplify the diverse experiences of Black students, faculty, and staff on campus.  The office also works year round to continue to center the experiences of the Black  community on campus through programming and dialogues.

Asian Pacific Islander American Heritage Month

Asian Pacific Islander American Heritage Month (APIAHM) works to support Asian and Pacific Islander students, faculty, and staff through centering their true experiences and voices.  Through a variety of programming, APIAHM works to tell the diverse narratives of the Asian identity, as well as discuss the societal barriers that many Asian people face.

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