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Cultural Centers

A Home Away from Home

The Office of Multicultural Affairs supports multiple Cultural Centers across campus that center the experiences of our students and works to meet their needs.

OMA Spaces
  1. Office of Multicultural Affairs in CENT1106
  2. Black Cultural Center in CENT1931
  3. Critical Hmong Studies Resource Center in VLL2138
  4. Inter-Tribal Learning Center in HHH150
  5. Latinx Cultural Center in HHH801

Special Notice

OMA Office

The Office of Multicultural Affairs department in CENT1106 remains open for student use during the academic year. Please note that we are prioritizing the OMA office for students needing a place to do independent studying or for students needing a quiet place to participate in a virtual/hybrid class using their personal laptops.

Cultural Centers - Delayed Opening (Fall 2020)

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the four cultural centers are available for use by advance reservation or appointment only. To make a reservation or schedule an appointment to use a cultural center, please contact an OMA Coordinator. Expand the cultural center information below to learn more.

Virtual Tour of OMA & Cultural Centers

 Take a virtual tour of the Office of Multicultural Affairs & learn more about each of the Cultural Centers at UW-Eau Claire.


Vicki Lord Larson Hall 2138

Critical Hmong Studies Resource Center supports Hmong-related initiatives on UW-Eau Claire campus. The goal of this center is open a brand new door to high impact learning for all UW-Eau Claire students and campus community. As the Hmong American community grows, we realize there is a greater need to educate both Hmong and non-Hmong students about Hmong language and history. The rising number of Hmong American students matriculating into higher education at UW-Eau Claire has become necessary to create a space (Hmong Studies Center) for the cultivation of both academic and student centered spaces to support Hmong initiatives for Hmong students and the UW-Eau Claire campus community. This space, the Multicultural Student Room in the Old Library, is decorated and fill with some Hmong artifacts and materials. The space is used by the Hmong Studies Steering Committee and students to further develop and implement our initiatives such as weekly Hmong language table discussion, symposium planning meetings, and ongoing social and cultural gathering for students and staff.

Cultural Center Coordinators

Charles Vue: (715-836-3367)

Dr. Kong Pheng Pha: (715-836-3744)



Hibbard Humanities Hall 801

We are excited for the new Latinx Cultural Center that will support the needs of the fastest growing population group on campus, our Latinx students. This center will help build a connection between our campus and the greater Eau Claire Latinx community. The cultural center can serve as a meeting place for community organizations to collaborate with our students and other individuals. Our Latinx students look forward to having a home away from home to celebrate and share their culture with others. We look forward to the support and collaborations between students, faculty in the Latin American Studies program, and the community that we will occur within and as a result of this space.

This cultural center was established in February 2020 making it the newest cultural space operated by the Office of Multicultural Affairs.

Cultural Center Coordinator 

Contact the Office of Multicultural Affairs at (715-836-3367)


Centennial Hall 1931 

The Black Cultural Center (BCC) serves as a foundation for Black/African American cultural identity, education and understanding between diverse communities at the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire. In addition to the variety of programs and resources that the Office of Multicultural Affairs offers, we also manage the Black Cultural Center. This cultural center, located in Centennial Hall 1931, is primarily used as an informal drop in space for students to convene. Additionally, it is a great place to explore and discuss ideas, hold study groups, plan and host meetings and events, have a dinner, read a book, write a paper, or just relax.

Cultural Center Coordinator

Michael Thomas: (715-836-4625) 


Hibbard Humanities Hall 150

The Inter-Tribal Learning Center (ITLC or LC) is a safe space for all American Indian students and allies to gather. The LC provides a space for sharing ideas and expressing personal and academic support for each other while assisting in the promotion of awareness and understanding of Indigenous cultures and issues across campus as well as throughout local, regional, and national communities. Made possible by the partnership between the Office of Multicultural Affairs, the American Indian Studies Program, and the Inter-Tribal Student Council (ITSC), the LC serves as the meeting space for ITSC as well as a general space for students to do homework, study, have a meal, take a quick nap, or simply hang out! 

Cultural Center Coordinator

Maggie Jensen: (715-836-3092)

Dr. Heather Ann Moody: (715-836-4690)

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