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Blugold Dialogues

Moving forward through dialogues

Blugold Dialogues are conversations intended to move the campus community forward in regards equity, diversity, and inclusion.


05/28/2021: Save the date

04/07/2021: Professor Cedar Marie and Art Education student Mackenzie Mevis | Implementing EDI into Studio Art Education.

03/17/2021: Dr. Shanise Walker | Women: Underrepresentes in STEM.

02/11/2021: Cecilia J. Brown J.D. | Police Brutality in Black and Brown Communities of Color.

FALL 2020

11/04/2020: Sasanehsaeh Jennings | As a Tool for Colonization - Reflections of the Native Student Experience in Higher Education

10/07/2020: Dr. Analisa DeGrave & Monique Morales Briand | Collaboration 3,000 Miles Away: Nicaragua to UWEC

Spring 2020

05/07/2020: Dr. David Shih | Bamboo Ceiling

04/30/2020: Sia Her, Pa Thao, and Mai Xiong | Responding to Anti-Asian Racism During the COVID-19 Pandemic

03/12/2020: Dr. Heather Ann Moody | Women Warriors:  Reclaiming Identity in the Face of Resistance, A Personal Reflection

02/13/2020: Dr. Roderick Jones | Conversations Around Race in Predominately White Institutions

Fall 2019 

12/11/2019: Katie Wilson | Having Honest Discussions About Race

11/13/2019: Tony Boerger | Generational Trauma: Understanding Others Inherited Traits

10/02/2019: Mitchell Baroni | The Grass is Greener: Crossing the Rubicon into Social Justice

09/18/2019: Dr. Demetrius Smith Ed.D | A Representative for the Underrepresented



Spring 2019

05/09/2019: UWEC AAPI Faculty + Staff | Identity Panel: How to Build Asian American and Pacific Islander Identity at UWEC

04/30/2019: Dr. Kong Pheng Pha | LGBTQIA+ within the APPI Community

03/20/2019: Dr. Laurie Cooper Stoll | Fat is a Social Justice Issue, Too

02/21/2019: Dr. Stacey Jackson | #BlackMentalHealthMatters Cultural Considerations for the Healing and Restoration of People of African Descent

Fall 2018

12/12/2018: Deb Newman + Chris Jorgenson | Examining The Roles of the Bias Incident Report Team [BIRT]

11/14/2018: Dr. Heather Ann Moody | Stereotypes + Realities 

10/10/2018: Mireya Sigala Valadez | Unpacking the Immigration + Customs Enforcement (ICE) Activity in Our Community

09/12/2018: Dang Yang | Student Leadership Through a Social Justice Lens


Spring 2018

05/09/2018: Dr. David Shih | Asian American is Not a Culture

03/08/2018: Andrew W. Thundercloud


Fall 2017

11/13/2017: Dr. Borges | Intersectionality: Effective Strategies for Ensuring the Success of Multiple Marginalized Identities 


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