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Blugold Dialogues

Moving forward through dialogues

Blugold Dialogues are conversations intended to move the campus community forward in regards equity, diversity, and inclusion.

This page is currently under construction.



Spring 2020
02/13/2020: Dr. Roderick Jones | Conversations Around Race in Predominately White Institutions
03/12/2020: Dr. Heather Ann Moody | Women Warriors:Reclaiming Identity in the Face of Resistance, A Personal Reflection
04/09/2020: TBD
05/07/2020: Dr. David Shih | Bamboo Ceiling

Fall 2019 
09/18/2019: Dr. Demetrius Smith Ed.D | A Representative for the Underrepresented
10/02/2019: Mitchell Baroni | The Grass is Greener: Crossing the Rubicon into Social Justice
11/13/2019: Tony Boerger | Generational Trauma: Understanding Others Inherited Traits
12/11/2019: Katie Wilson | Having Honest Discussions About Race 



Spring 2019
02/21/2019: Dr. Stacey Jackson | #BlackMentalHealthMatters Cultural Considerations for the Healing and Restoration of People of African Descent
03/20/2019: Dr. Laurie Cooper Stoll | Fat is a Social Justice Issue, Too
04/30/2019: Dr. Kong Pheng Pha | LGBTQIA+ within the APPI Community
05/09/2019: UWEC AAPI Faculty + Staff | Identity Panel: How to Build Asian American and Pacific Islander Identity at UWEC

Fall 2018
09/12/2018: Dang Yang | Student Leadership Through a Social Justice Lens
10/10/2018: Mireya Sigala Valadez | Unpacking the Immigration + Customs Enforcement (ICE) Activity in Our Community
11/14/2018: Dr. Heather Ann Moody | Stereotypes + Realities 
12/12/2018: Deb Newman + Chris Jorgenson | Examining The Roles of the Bias Incident Report Team [BIRT]


Spring 2018
03/08/2018: Andrew W. Thundercloud
05/09/2018: Dr. David Shih | Asian American is Not a Culture

Fall 2017
11/13/2017: Dr. Borges | Intersectionality: Effective Strategies for Ensuring the Success of Multiple Marginalized Identities 


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