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About Blugold Beginnings

The keys to Blugold Beginnings success

The purpose of the Blugold Beginnings Program is to educate and inspire students, especially underrepresented, low income, or first generation students, to believe that a post-secondary education is important, attainable, and available at the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire and other institutions.

Provide support for first generation and students of color to be successful at the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire by providing secondary advising, peer mentoring, cohort classes, student success events, and scholarship opportunities.  

Campus events

Blugold Beginnings focuses on several social events for participating students throughout the year. We feel that in-the-classroom teaching is just as important as out-of-the-classroom teaching. Materials about upcoming events are given to students by their mentors.

Summer Leadership camps

More summer camp information is found on the Summer Camps page. Every summer, Blugold Beginnings offers camps to high school students on the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire campus. The camps are designed to provide a variety of college knowledge and leadership experiences. 

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