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About Blugold Beginnings

The keys to Blugold Beginnings success

The purpose of the Blugold Beginnings Program is to educate and inspire students, especially underrepresented, low income or first generation students, to believe that a post-secondary education is important, attainable, and available at the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire and other institutions.

The Blugold Beginnings Program works with local schools to provide a comprehensive college connection for 5th graders through graduating seniors. Blugold Beginnings hires current UW- Eau Claire students as mentors for students in elementary through high school. The mentors develop relationships with students, act as role models, and provide college knowledge to mentees.

  1. Provide college knowledge (access, purpose, and goals) to students of Eau Claire and the greater area, thus increasing the number of students who receive post-secondary educations and retention of these minds to the Eau Claire area.
  2. Retain local students in the program through elementary, middle, and high school and send them down a post-secondary educational path by forming long-lasting relationships.
  3. Prepare and facilitate high school students to graduate fully informed and qualified for post-secondary enrollment.
  4. Have students build relationships with motivated, respectful, optimistic, and encouraging mentors that serve as positive role models.
  5. Increase the overall awareness of college knowledge, higher education, and the opportunities it can provide.
  6. Make contact between UW-Eau Claire and all fifth graders within 60 miles of campus to provide the opportunity to visit the university on Tour Day and to provide high school students in the program with monthly campus events.
  7. Grant college scholarships to Blugold Beginnings high school graduates who attend UW- Eau Claire for their post-secondary education.
  8. Create a sustainable mentorship program by developing relationships with UW-Eau Claire mentors who were formerly Blugold Beginnings participants, UW-Eau Claire alumni, the Eau Claire and greater area communities, program partners, and more.
  1. Identify and provide solutions for existing gaps in college access services.
  2. Provide a unified campus voice on precollege access by combining the recruitment work of the Office of Multicultural Affairs, Admissions, and the Dean of Students office by providing the comprehensive access plan and communicating it with the respective offices.
  3. Raise awareness of the success and struggles with college access within the community in regards to policymakers, business leaders, and educators.
  4. Improve access to higher education by developing comfort with the physical campus, the knowledge to access college information, and with the support of the mentor relationship.
  5. Give our elementary, middle, and high school students the skills to be self-advocates and demand challenging classes and a meaningful education.
  6. Increase retention on campus by providing meaningful employment, connections to peers, and a sense of community.

The program includes UW-Eau Claire student mentors working within local schools to provide support services to underrepresented students. Mentors will coordinate with teacher, staff, parent, and student schedules to create the most convenient and effective times for mentors to work with students and to determine what activities to focus on.

These services include the following:

  • Tutoring/Homework Help
  • Mentoring
  • Study Skills
  • Leadership Skills
  • Career Exploration
  • College Preparation Skills
  • UW-Eau Claire Tour Day
  • High School Monthly Events
Campus events

Blugold Beginnings focuses on several social events for participating students throughout the year. We feel that in-the-classroom teaching is just as important as out-of-the-classroom teaching. Materials about upcoming events are given to students by their mentors.

Summer camps

More summer camp information is found on the Summer Camps page. Every summer, Blugold Beginnings offers camps to local middle and high school students on the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire campus. The camps are designed to provide a variety of college knowledge and experiences. 

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