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Blugold Beginnings

Supporting learning for college success

Blugold Beginnings offers a variety of programs and services to promote a successful college experience and to help students obtain a higher education degree. All students are provided with: 

  • Secondary Advising 
  • Career Exploration
  • Monthly Events
  • Tutoring/Study Skills
  • Leadership Skills
  • College Supports 
  • Scholarship Opportunities 



Blugold Beginnings provides a supportive cultural environment for students of color to live and learn together as a community while taking classes together, participating in programming, and developing a sense of community among the LLC students. 

Blugold Beginnings LLC is housed in Sutherland Hall on the Second Floor. This floor also has a living room space for the LLC.

Watch the short video below to hear several first-hand accounts of the positive impact our Blugold Beginnings experience has had on students.
Media stories about Blugold Beginnings
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