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Student Affairs

Creating a vibrant campus community

Thank you for taking the time to find out more about the programs and services offered by the Division of Student Affairs. We have a dedicated group of staff members who work hard to provide a wide array of opportunities for students. We are firm believers that learning takes place in all aspects of students' lives and is centered on their academic experiences.

This learning is enhanced by students' living environments and their engagement in a wide array of co-curricular pursuits ranging from involvement in their residence hall communities, clubs and organizations, participation in recreational endeavors, athletics and in the performing arts.

Services are offered to help students become successful during their college experience and to support them in their daily lives. We particularly offer opportunities to enhance their health and wellness, and to meet a variety of personal and academic needs. Working with our faculty and staff colleagues, Student Affairs strives to create a vibrant campus community. Our staff and programs engage students in conversation, reflection, and action. We view our students as citizens in a diverse community and work to educate them about making responsible choices. We encourage them to explore the values, beliefs, and commitments that guide their actions. Our work with students builds on the notion that we care for the whole person.

Please don't hesitate to contact our office should you have questions.

We look forward to a wonderful year full of growth and learning at the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire!

Dr. Beth Hellwig
Vice Chancellor of Student Affairs

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