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Peer Diversity Educators

Acceptance, diversity, openness

Peer Diversity Educators (PDE) is a peer-to-peer equity, diversity, and inclusion training, education and personal development program. Our educators promote understanding and respect for people of all abilities, creeds, races, social classes, gender identities as well as expressions and affectional orientations. Through educational programs, our goal is to open people’s minds in the hope of eliminating prejudice and discrimination.

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Meet the team

Josh Holness smiling at the camera

Josh Holness | Lead Intern

I'm Josh, a biology major at UW-Eau Claire with a public health minor in the pre-med program. I joined Peer Diversity Educators because I wanted to help other people grow their understanding of social justice issues and what they can do to be better allies. 

Jamie Peterson

Jamie Peterson | Lead Intern

Jamie Peterson is one of the lead interns for Peer Diversity Educators. She is a psychology major with a student affairs minor. She is passionate about striving to make our campus and community inclusive places for all identities. In her free time, she enjoys spending time in nature, building DIY projects, bullet journaling, and playing with her puppy.

Kayde Langer

Kayde Langer

Boozhoo! My name is Kayde Langer, and I am a senior majoring in sociology with a minor in American Indian studies. I am from Red Lake Chippewa Nation of Ojibwe. I transferred to UWEC in 2018 from UW-Marathon County. I have a passion for activism with an interest in white supremacy. I have conducted research on White Supremacy in the K-12 system. I served three terms in student senate and served three years in Inter-Tribal Student Council. I also live my life fueled by iced coffee.

Esabelle Hutchison

Esabelle Hutchison

I’m a graphic design and marketing major. I joined PDE to learn how to educate others and make a difference. 

Jinxxy Julson smiling at camera

Jinxxy Julson

Hi! My name is Jinxxy, and I'm a Graphic Design Major here at UWEC. I joined PDE to become a better educator and advocate. I love all varieties of games- card games, board games, videogames, and puzzles! You can tend to find me buried in one almost any time I have free time."

Scout McKnight

Scout McKnight

My name is Scout McKnight. I am an illustration major at UWEC. A reason I joined PDE was to expand the social justice knowledge of others as well as myself. A couple of fun facts about myself are I enjoy making comics and illustrations. I also have two cats named Gibbs and Sherlock.

Anna George

Anna George
She/her/hers or they/them/theirs

My name is Anna. I’m a second-year student here at UWEC and I’m a broadfield social studies (history emphasis) comprehensive major, a German teaching major, and a TESOL minor. I joined PDE because I’m very passionate about educating myself and others on social justice issues. 


Please contact the Peer Diversity Educators at for more information and inquiries.