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Student Support Services

Individual attention creates success

Student Support Services at UW-Eau Claire is funded by a federal TRIO grant which provides a host of academic services to its 300 participants. As one of over 1,000 similar programs nationwide, SSS at UW-Eau Claire serves first-generation college students, income-eligible students, and students with a documented disability. Participants are often enrolled in the program as first-year students and remain eligible for services until graduation. Financial aid may also be available through SSS in the form of grant assistance and program scholarships.

What is offered by Student Support Services?

Student Support Services offers a learning community to assist first-year students in making the transition to college. New students take some classes together and participate in extracurricular activities that help them to form friendships.

SSS staff assists participants and offers support in the following areas:

  • Academic advising
  • Career development
  • Financial planning
  • Peer mentoring
  • Cultural enrichment
  • Tutorial assistance
  • Informational programming
  • Post-graduate planning
  • Leadership development
  • Grant aid

I was invited to join Student Support Services, and I'm so glad. It has provided more support than I could have imagined and made this campus feel like home. I'm thankful for the friends I've made in this program.

Stephanie Cisewski Elementary Education
Who can qualify for SSS?

We generally recruit students for SSS prior to their first year, based on application information.  Federal eligibility for the program is based on meeting one of the following conditions: be a first-generation college student; be from a low-income household; or have a documented disability.


Information for parents

Student Support Services welcomes parents' involvement. We recognize that successful students are often those with concerned and supportive parents or guardians. While the Family Educational Rights Protection Act (FERPA) prevents university staff from releasing most information about students without written permission, we are glad to answer general questions that parents have about the university. Parents should feel free to either call or e-mail the SSS staff with their questions and concerns.

To help parents stay informed, Student Support Services sponsors the SSS Parent Alliance. Through this on-line organization, parents are regularly sent information about university policies, services, events, etc. In addition, the SSS Parent Alliance can serve as a forum for parents to ask questions or raise concerns that they would like to have addressed by the SSS staff or other parents. The parents of first-year students often find it especially beneficial to be involved in this organization.

SSS Staff

Bruce Ouderkirk, Director, 715-836-4542,
Charlie Krula, Academic Advising Coordinator, 715-836-4542,
Laura Rubenzer, Career Development Coordinator, 715-836-4542,
Andy Strowig, Career Development Coordinator, 715-836-4542,
Rebecca Hotujec, Program Associate, 715-836-4542,

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