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Counseling Services provides services to individuals of all genders and sexualities and strives to be inclusive in all of their offerings. We currently offer a Gender and Sexuality Support Group, all of our clinicians are Safe Space trained, and we have the ability to advocate for gender affirmation procedures.

What to expect during your assessment for gender affirming treatments: 

Students seeking a letter for gender affirming treatments will meet with a counselor who will review a number of topics based on what is encouraged by the World Professional Association for Transgender Health and what is required by insurance providers. Some of these topics will include, an overview of the student's gender journey, goals for the treatment, supports in place, recovery plans, risks and benefits, etc. The letter can be typically completed within a week of the assessment session.  These can be brief sessions where a student just obtains their letter or they can be ongoing services where the student receives support throughout the process.

What does LGBTQIA+ stand for?

- Lesbian -- women whose primary emotional and physical attractions and attachments are to other women

- Gay Men -- men whose primary emotional and physical attractions and attachments are to other men.

B - Bisexual -- individuals whose primary emotional and physical attractions and attachments are to more than one gender.

T - Transgender -- a broad term that encompasses numerous identities in which typically ones gender identity does not match the sex they were assigned at birth. A transitioning transgender person is one who is modifying their physical characteristics and manner of expression 

Q - Questioning - -someone who is questioning their sexual or gender orientation.

I - Intersex -- Intersex people are born with sex characteristics (including chromosomes, gonads, genitals, reproductive organs and hormonal levels) that don't fit the typical definition of male or female bodies. It's an umbrella term that covers many different biological variation

A - Asexual -- an individual who experiences a minimal or lack of a sexual attraction or desire for other people

+ -- a sign to indicate a wide variety of other identities

What people in these groups all have in common is that they're considered sexual outlaws of one form or another by much of mainstream society. For more terms please see the glossary of terms provided by the Human Rights Campaign.

(Adapted from the work of Dana Alder - UW-Madison, definitions provided by the Human Resources Campaign)

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