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UWEC Visitor Policy During COVID-19

Guidelines for Visitors at UW-Eau Claire

To minimize the risk of COVID-19 to our community, the UW-Eau Claire campuses are closed to visitors until further notice, with exceptions as outlined in this policy.

Visitor authorization

Visitors may be authorized by a UWEC department unit director, department chair, dean, UWEC Governance Committee Chair or Executive, or an Executive Staff member. Visitors may also be authorized through the Event Exception Protocol found in the Interim Event Policy.

Students living in the dormitories will follow the UWEC Residence Hall Visitor Policy ADDENDUM.

UWEC Residence Hall Visitor Policy ADDENDUM

All visitors to the residence halls must comply with the UWEC All-Campus visitor policy, as well as the UWEC Appropriate Safety Measures policy.

Residence Hall students will be limited to one (1) visitor per resident in their residence hall room at one time in the case of a non-parent, and up to one (1) additional visitor if it is a parent. A visitor is defined as any person not contracted and assigned to that residence hall room (whether the visitor is a student or non-student.)

Visitors must wear a mask at all times when visiting, except in those instances permitted by the Appropriate Safety Measures policy. Students are responsible for all behavior of their visitors, as stipulated in the Residence Hall Judicial Code. Those visitors who do not comply with campus policy will be removed from campus, and the student host may face additional disciplinary action.

Residence hall student hosts must pre-register their guests using the online eForm. Visitors to residence halls will report first to Towers Hall to complete the Check-In and Pre-screening process. If allowed on campus, the visitor will be provided a Temporary Visitor pass, good for no more than three consecutive days. Visitors are to be escorted by their host at all times while in the residence halls.

Visitor definition and general principles

For the purposes of this policy, visitors are defined as anyone coming to a UWEC campus, who does not possess a current Blugold ID and/or is not utilizing the daily symptom app mandated on UW-Eau Claire campuses, and who is entering a building, attending an event, or spending more than an hour on campus property. Public members passing through the campuses (i.e. running through campus, walking, biking, etc.) who are only on outdoor grounds not associated with an event, and who will be on campus for less than one hour, are not defined as visitors by this policy.  

Campus members should minimize guests to campus whenever possible. If a guest must be invited to campus, effort should be made to minimize the duration of the visit and the number of unique guests coming to campus (i.e. it is better to invite the same expert three times to campus rather than three different experts). 

Masks are required on campus. Visitors are expected to bring a face mask that covers their nose and mouth and to wear the mask on campus at all times. One-time use masks are available for visitors who do not have a mask.

Visitor check-in sites and process

All visitors to campus are expected to stop by at one of the following Check-In Sites to aid contact tracing:

Davies Center/Visitor Center (M-F, 8 am – 4 pm)

This is the primary visitor check-in site and will occupy the desk which was the Davies Printing Services Desk on the main floor.

Facilities Management (Service Desk, M-F, 7 am – 4 pm)

Primary check-in site for contractors and non-residence hall upper campus visitors.

Towers (Front Desk, 24-7 Availability)

Primary check-in site for residence hall guests. After-hours check-in site for the entire Eau Claire campus.


Check-In site for all Admissions visitors; not open to non-Admissions visitors.

Chancellor’s Office

Check-in site for all of the Executive Suite visitors, including the Chancellor & Provost offices; not open to other visitors.

Human Sciences & Services Building

Each community care program where patients are seen by HSS personnel, including Communication Sciences & Disorders, Upward Bound, etc, will run its own check-in site to maintain contact tracing capability and remain HIPAA compliant.

UWEC Police Department

Check-in site for those with police business; not open to non-police visitors.

UWEC-Barron County: Meggers Hall (M-F, 8 am - 4:30 pm)

UWEC-Barron County visitor check-in site.

UWEC-Marshfield: Administration Office (Admin Office, M-F, 8 am - 4:30 pm)

Primary check-in site for the Marshfield campus.

NOTE: UW-Eau Claire Visitors to the Pablo Center will follow UW-Eau Claire’s visitor policy. Departments wishing to bring visitors into Pablo Center will first need to check-in at the Visitor Center in Davies. Pablo is not allowing unescorted visitors.

Check-in sites process

Visitors without a point of contact or without an appointment will generally not be allowed on campus. Exceptions can be authorized by a UW-Eau Claire department unit director, department chairs, deans, a UW-Eau Claire Governance Committee Chair or Executive, or an Executive Staff member.

Pre-registration of guests using the online eForm is encouraged to ensure the smoothest process for our visitors. Staff at the Visitor Center in Davies will contact departments if a visitor arrives to check-in without a pre-registration to determine if the department wants the visitor to come on campus or not.

All visitors will be required to provide the Check-In Site with the following information:
  • First and last name
  • Address
  • Phone number(s)
  • Point of contact on campus (who they will see)
  • Number of individuals expected to see during the visit
  • Location(s) to visit on campus
  • Arrival time & expected time of departure
  • Departure time
At the check-in site, visitors will be asked the following questions (posted at each site):
  1. Do you have a new fever, cough, shortness of breath, difficulty breathing, unexplained muscle aches, taken any fever-reducing medication, chills or repeated shaking, sore throat, or new loss of taste or smell in the last 24 hours?
  2. Have you had contact with someone known or suspected to have COVID-19 or traveled where you have not been able to social distance, interacted with an unknown group of individuals, or had contacts with unknown individuals without respiratory protection in the last 14 days?

If the visitor answers no to both questions, staff will check the temperature of the visitor with a non-contact thermometer and record it on their visitor log. If the temperature is in a normal range, the visitor will be allowed on campus. 

If the visitor answers yes to any question or has an abnormal temperature, the visitor will be asked to reschedule their visit and to leave campus. Departments will be notified their visitor was asked to reschedule their visit, though no information will be provided as to details of why they were asked to reschedule.

If the visitor is allowed on campus, staff will provide the visitor with a colored sticker with the current date on it to validate the visitor was checked in. The visitor should wear the sticker in plain sight.

Residence Hall visitors will be issued a Temporary Visitor Pass instead of a sticker. The Visitor Pass will indicate the days the pass is authorized for, the building, and the UW-Eau Claire member who invited the visitor.

Staffing information

UW-Eau Claire Visitor Check-In Sites will be staffed by regular staff at each site location. Staffing locations will be provided plexiglass for protection, with a space to move around the plexiglass to take a temperature with a non-contact thermometer. Staff are required to wear a mask and frequently sanitize their work area.

Data information

All Visitor Check-In Sites will utilize a shared Excel spreadsheet within the “UWEC Visitor Log” Microsoft Team. This document will be able to be live-viewed and updated by those who need to know, including the UW-Eau Claire Contact Tracing Team. This document and its data will be considered confidential and access only given to those with a need to know for campus safety purposes.

Visitor Check-In Sites will also have access to the database created by the Visitor Request eForm to validate visitors to campus.

James C. Schmidt, Chancellor                                                                                         

Adopted July 31, 2020, by authority vested under Wis. Stat. § 36.35(2) 

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