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Spring Semester FAQs

For UWEC students and employees

Below please find some common questions and answers around the spring 2021 semester.

Q: All my classes are online this spring and I will not be on campus. Do I still need to have antigen testing?

A: If you are 100% remote (meaning you will not be visiting McIntyre Library, campus computer labs, paying bills at Blugold Central, etc.) then you do not need to come to campus for testing. Student Health Service recommends that students consider being tested regularly even if you do not plan to come to campus.

Q: What if I need to come to campus unexpectedly, and I have not been following the testing guidelines?

A: Students, faculty and staff who need to come to campus after a long lapse between tests have one of two options. They can be tested at a facility off-campus and then record the test and results in the Blugold Protocol app. Or they can go directly to the Zorn Arena Testing Center, take a test and record the results in the Blugold Protocol app before visiting any other location on campus.

Q: I'm a student at UWEC—Barron County, and I am a commuter student living at home, so do I need to take antigen tests?

A: Yes, all students who come to a UW-Eau Claire campus this semester, including the Rice Lake campus, are required to take regular antigen tests. UWEC—Barron County students are required to take an antigen test every other week. Testing will take place from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. on Tuesdays in the gym.

Q: I’ve received my COVID-19 vaccine. Do I still have to be tested every other week if I'm already vaccinated?

A: Yes, even if you have been vaccinated you must continue to be tested. While medical experts say the vaccines are highly effective, the immunity is not immediate, and a small percentage of individuals may not realize the benefits of the vaccine.

Q: I have recovered from COVID-19. Do I still need to use the app and/or complete antigen testing?

A: If you tested positive with a PCR test or tested positive with an antigen test and you were also symptomatic at the time of the test, then you do not need to test for 90 days from the time of the test. After the 90 days you must resume regular testing.

Q: I am an employee at UW-Eau Claire. When does the change from testing twice per week to once every other week begin for those of us working on campus?

A: Employee testing is currently being conducted twice a week. Effective Feb. 1, testing will be every other week, though you can choose to test weekly.

Q: Do employees need to follow the testing protocol if they will not be working on campus this spring?

A: Employees who will be working remotely the entire spring semester are exempt from taking an antigen test every other week, but they are still required to monitor their health through the Blugold Protocol app.

Q: How do I schedule a COVID-19 test at UWEC?

A:  Go to Once registered you will be able to register at the Zorn Arena Testing Center starting on Jan. 23. The Zorn location should be available on the website beginning Jan. 19.

Q: The testing protocol email states all antigen testing will be done at Zorn Arena, but also gives additional testing sites in Eau Claire. I would prefer to go to a testing site closer to me. Is Zorn Arena the only testing site all students need to register for?

A: You can go to any testing site that you wish, but it is recommended you determine if public testing sites require advanced registration. Wherever you are tested, you should log your testing information in the Blugold Protocol app.

Q: I’m having trouble with my Blugold Protocol app. Who should I contact?

A: Users having difficulty accessing the app with their university credentials should contact the UW-Eau Claire Help Desk (715-836-5711,

Q: I’ve already received my COVID-19 vaccine, so does UWEC’s travel policy still apply to me?

A: Yes, the policy applies to you even if you have been vaccinated. The efficacy of the vaccine is still uncertain, and health professionals are recommending that all who have received the vaccine follow COVID-19 precautions such as wearing a mask and physical distancing at this time.

Q: I am participating in an internship/clinical/student-teaching this semester. Is this considered travel?

A: Formal arrangements such as those highlighted above are considered part of the teaching and learning experience and have formal practices in place for infectious disease control. This type of situation would not constitute more than transient exposure to people of unknown virus status.

Q: I am employed by UWEC and am required to quarantine, but my position does not allow me to work remotely. What should I do?

A: If the nature of your job does not allow you to work remotely you can use leave balances, including sick leave, for quarantine. Employees are encouraged to speak to their supervisor if they have any questions regarding paid leave.

Q: How does this travel policy address those traveling between UW-Eau Claire, Barron County and Marshfield campus?

A: This type of travel, for your schooling or profession, is not considered to be outside the normal realm of your duties and would therefore not constitute more than transient exposure.

Q: I play on a UWEC athletics team and travel with my teammates to competitions within our league. Would this be considered more than transient exposure to people of unknown virus status?

UW-Eau Claire and the Wisconsin Intercollegiate Athletic Conference have a robust risk mitigation plan for infectious disease prevention. UWEC athletics teams have abbreviated seasons and are not playing against teams outside the UW System. Athletes, coaches, and referees are being tested several times per week and fans are not allowed at the games. This type of situation would not constitute more than transient exposure to people of unknown virus status.

Q: Can non-university visitors attend events on campus?

Non-university visitors are not allowed at this time. Event sponsors may request an exception to this policy. Details can be found on the Interim Events Policy page.