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For UWEC students and employees

Below please find some common questions and answers related to COVID-19.


You can find more information on the antigen testing protocols webpage

Will UWEC be testing wastewater to monitor for COVID, and will air quality also be monitored?

Yes, we continue to conduct wastewater testing and will respond to requests regarding air purifiers related to the extensive air quality testing that has taken place across campus. 

Exposure, quarantine and isolation

Learn more about COVID-19 testing, exposure and quarantine information.

What should someone do if they suspect they may have gotten COVID?

First, whether you’re a student or an employee, if you are not feeling well, stay home. Supervisors should work with employees so they can take the time needed to recover. 

What should I do if I test positive for COVID-19?

Everyone who tests positive must isolate for five days. We have a limited number of rooms available for residence-hall students and we encourage off-campus students to avoid any contact with others as much as possible. After 5 days, infected individuals who no longer have symptoms or fever may end isolation, but should continue wearing a mask at all times for another five days. That isolation includes not eating around other individuals.

Do instructors need to report students who are absent because of testing positive?

The health department receives notification of positive cases and are trained to manage disease investigation and contract tracing. We do not expect instructors to contact trace when students report they are ill.  When students tell you they have tested positive, we ask faculty to work with the student to make arrangements for their classwork. We also encourage faculty to continue to keep a seating chart.

Are there online options for students who are immunocompromised? What should students do who may become ill and must miss classes? Can they join remotely?

We are not able to offer all classes both in-person and remotely. For students who are immunocompromised, we recommend that you work with your advisor to identify classes that are already scheduled to be offered remotely. Students who become ill or need to quarantine should deal with a COVID-19 infection as they would any other illness. Contact your instructor and work out with them how you can make up any classes you need to miss. Some classes may need to go online briefly if an instructor must isolate or quarantine, so students should check their campus email regularly. Employees who need to isolate or quarantine should work with their supervisors to identify remote work activities or use sick days when ill. At this time, UW System does not have plans to implement COVID leave. We will work with any employees who have used their available sick days due to the pandemic.

Vaccines and boosters

For more information, please visit our COVID-19 vaccine information webpage

Are students and employees required to be vaccinated, including the booster shot?

Students and employees are not required to be vaccinated. Statistics prove being vaccinated and receiving the booster greatly reduces the chance of significant illness. Hospitals across the country have experienced surges of very ill individuals, the huge majority of whom have not been vaccinated. Everyone over 18 who has been vaccinated is eligible for a booster.

Should students, faculty and staff upload their booster information when they receive it?

Yes, when Blugolds update their vaccination and booster status, it helps our team get a clear picture of what resources and next steps are required to keep our campus community safe. As a reminder, your vaccination data is kept private and is not shared. Students can use the updated Vaccination Upload eForm to upload primary vaccination series and booster records. Employees should use UW System’s MyUWPortal  to provide documentation of their vaccination records.

Will there be any requirements or incentives for encouraging/promoting boosters among faculty, staff and students?

No, funding is not available for an incentive program at this time.


Learn more about campus mask guidelines

Additional COVID-19 information

To learn more about UW-Eau Claire's response to COVID-19, please visit our main COVID-19 webpage