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Spending your day with some of the most involved students on campus can get anyone excited about coming to college or starting fresh. Our orientation assistants are the best of the best and are ready to welcome you to your new home. They’ll help you understand student life, answer any of your questions and will be a resource for you when you start classes in the fall.

Working as an orientation assistant was the best summer job I’ve had. I love incoming freshmen—their excitement for their future as a Blugold is inspiring.

Haley McKee, Communication Sciences + Disorders | Onalaska, WI

Meet seasoned Blugolds

Cecelia Calametti

I was pretty scared when I arrived for my freshman orientation experience since I didn't know what to expect. For the first part of orientation I was so overwhelmed. Once I was put into my small group I felt so much more comfortable. My orientation assistant was so welcoming and was able to answer all my questions. She was able to give us an insider’s perspective on UWEC. Being able to talk to a fellow student about everything from classes to the best food off campus was one of the highlights of my freshman orientation.

Gunther Carpenter

I remember just about everything from my freshman orientation! The flexibility to choose any class that I was interested in, meet with my first faculty member, and walk away with a schedule in my hands.

Grace Deck

I chose to attend Eau Claire because right when I stepped onto this beautiful campus I was struck with how open and kind everyone was. Everyone was so open to answering all of my questions and they all were passionate about attending the campus. They seemed happy to be at Eau Claire and now I know why!

Riley Dougherty

To be honest, I was very nervous going into my freshman orientation. I didn’t know anybody at the school, I didn’t have a set major and I didn’t really know how this whole college thing worked. After I went through the orientation process I felt a lot less anxious about the whole thing. I had my classes picked, my residence hall and room set up, and I knew a couple of faces around campus. Freshman orientation helped prepare me for a successful first semester and made me feel more comfortable with the transition.

Bobbi Freagon

My freshman orientation experience was a whirlwind of excitement and emotions. I remember feeling so nervous coming to campus and starting the registration process. Everything was so new and intimidating. I quickly realized that everyone else was about in the same boat as I was. After the orientation process I left campus feeling so excited and more ready to start school at my new home in Eau Claire.

Beth Gardner

My Freshman Orientation experience was a day to remember for sure. I was excited, nervous, stressed and in awe all at once, but in the best way possible. Orientation day for me was the day I fell in love with UW-Eau Claire. I connected with other students, made my first college schedule ever and by the end of the day, I was at the point where I wanted the summer to be over so I could officially start school.

Rachel Hand

One thing I love that the campus offers are FREE exercise classes right on campus! It is a great way to have fun with your friends but also burn some calories. Another one of my favorite activities the university offers are intramural sports, it’s a great study break after a long day of homework.

Chee Cia Her

As a freshman, enjoy your time, talk with a lot of different people and try new things and challenges. For example, go try to watch a movie at the downtown cinema, go try this restaurant, go volunteer at the human society, go to a tango club, etc. Try new things, explore the campus and Eau Claire. It is great as a freshman to feel comfortable in the community.

Mattie Kahn

My freshman orientation experience was nerve-racking and exciting at the same time. I came in the day as anxious as any normal freshman would be, but as orientation began and got rolling, I slowly started to get super excited for college and what was to come. Experiencing a big campus, learning about classes and meeting other students was a great starting point to launch me into my college career.

Emily Kassera

My two best pieces of advice would be to try new things and start making connections! College is a time to explore your interests. Find what you're academically passionate about and work towards it. Getting to know your classmates and professors is also key. You never know who could help you proofread that final paper or land that future job!

Zach Miller

What drew me to UW-Eau Claire was the campus, the amount of organizations on campus, and the size of the school. The campus is truly astounding and unique with the Chippewa running through it. The variety of organizations on campus left me with a feeling of opportunity and interest. And the size of the school was appealing because I knew I'd get the intimate education and overall college experience you wouldn't find at a large Division 1 school.

Spencer Morgan

I'm excited to be an orientation assistant because I'll have the amazing opportunity to show new students what UW-Eau Claire has to offer. Your time at college is all about finding and pursuing your passions, and with everything that UW-Eau Claire provides for students in and out of the classroom, it's not hard to find your niche. Providing new students and their families with information and resources on how to thrive here (both individually and as part of a larger community) will easily be the best part of this experience.

Matt Nyman

I love the versatility that UWEC provides for its students and the many opportunities that every student has here.

Mackenzie Relford

I love UWEC because of the support that each student has from the university, professors, organizations, community and other students. There are many opportunities to form friendships and relationships that will stay with you. Also, this campus is beautiful and the positive atmosphere is contagious.

Danielle Rockwell

I would encourage incoming freshmen not to be afraid to try new things and also let them know that is okay to ask questions. I know I had a hard time asking for help, but when I did ask a question, I was glad I did.

Mariah Sands

I cannot stress how important it is for students to take care of themselves. I completely agree it is essential to branch out, to get involved and to explore your interests, but you can’t sail a boat with holes in it. Finding a healthy balance between school, social life and personal wellness is essential for success.

Becca Schaberg

UW-Eau Claire has impacted my life greater than I ever thought that it would have, and I want every incoming freshman to have the same college career that I have had thus far. Being able to work with and instill excitement in students for their newest educational journey just really excites me!

Dani Schmalz

My Freshman Orientation experience was FUN! I remember the OA’s performing a silly musical for everyone to get us excited for the day. I was thankful that I got to work with faculty in my department and a current student who went through what I did to work on building my class schedule. It was an awesome feeling having my first semester’s classes solidified only a few days after high school graduation!

Hannah Ward

Freshman orientation made me more excited to come to college, and I hope that incoming freshman of 2016 feel the same way when they leave orientation this summer.

Clara White

I love UW- Eau Claire for many reasons, so it is hard to choose what I love most. The campus is beautiful and full of life with not only students but wildlife too! However, I think I love Eau Claire the most because it is a campus that allows me to be entirely myself and feel comfortable doing so.

Anneli Williams

My biggest advice to freshmen would be to get a job on campus! On campus jobs are ideal: you can walk to work, the hours are flexible, and there are networking opportunities galore! I have worked as a tutor, student researcher, office assistant, study abroad peer adviser and more—all jobs which have allowed me to meet friends and make connections with professors and faculty (and earn money all the while!). Check out the online job board!

Pachia Xiong

The advice that I would like for first years to know is that, they should be open minded. Be accepting of learning and trying different things because you never know what you like until you try it. Also don't let anyone hold you back. If you want to do something then do it, you don't need anyone's approval for something.

Rillie Zwiefelhofer-Frank

There is no cure-all way to make college perfect. Everyone is different. But if I had to come up with one thing that I think you should know going into this whole college thing it's all of the advice coming from everyone you know is just there to help you. Just know two things: people want you to succeed and they want to help make your college experience start great, but it's okay to feel overwhelmed. It's okay to not know exactly what's going on. My piece of advice is to relax. Breathe. Take time for yourself. Everything will fall into place. So be proactive, find your AND, and be the person you are meant to be. Because from one Blugold to another, we're all in this together.

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