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Senior Processing Fee

Graduating at UW-Eau Claire

Graduation at UW-Eau Claire is one of the most important milestones in the life of our students. To assist students in preparing for graduation and to continue to offer a memorable commencement ceremony, a one-time senior processing fee was implemented in January, 2013. The non-refundable fee will be assessed to all undergraduate students the semester they accumulate 90 credits or more. Transfer students who arrive at UW-Eau Claire with 90 credits will be charged the fee the semester after they first enroll.

  • What will the senior processing fee be used for?
    • In the past, the university has underwritten the costs of commencement, which include extensive staff time to plan and organize multiple events that involve thousands of students, parents, friends and guests along with the costs of processing and mailing of diplomas and transcripts. The processing fee contributes to these rising costs.
  • Is UW-Eau Claire the only university to have this fee?
    • For many years UW-Eau Claire was one of the few universities in the UW System without a graduation fee. Fees for graduation at regional comprehensive universities in the UW System range from $38 at LaCrosse to $100 at Stout. This fee applies to all graduates and is nonrefundable.
  • Why is the fee applied at 90 credits?
    • Because the fee provides services for students who are preparing to graduate, and because it is not refundable, it is assessed at the point at which most undergraduates are into their senior year and most likely to continue to graduation. Transfer students who enter UW-Eau Claire with 90 credits, will not have the fee assessed until the semester after they first enroll.
  • What if I do not intend to participate in commencement? Do I still need to pay the fee?
    • Yes, the senior processing fee supports not only the commencement ceremony, but also assists all senior students in better preparing and celebrating their graduation.
  • What if I do not pay the fee?
    • Like any other university fee, registering for classes and receiving academic transcripts requires that your outstanding balance is paid.
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