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Dress + Processional

Getting ready for the ceremony

The big day is around the corner! With the stress of finals and the school year coming to an end, planning for graduation day can be overwhelming! Here are some helpful tips on what to wear and expect during the ceremony.

What to Wear with Your Gown
  • Dark dress shoes and dark clothing are recommended with academic attire and look good in photographs.
  • Wrinkles in your gown? Try a steam iron or hang the gown in a steamy bathroom.
Cap and Tassel
  • The mortarboard cap should be worn horizontally (not tipped in any direction), with the point of the cap in the middle of the forehead.
  • Until formal conferral, the tassel is worn on the right side of the cap.
  • Master's degree candidates wear tassels on the left side at all times.
Honor Cords
Master's Hoods
  • DNP, Master's and Specialist in Education degree candidates must bring their hoods for the formal hooding ceremony. These degree candidates can find more information here.
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