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Community involvement

We offer a variety of projects that involve helping the community, making resources available, and encourage the deepening of historical understanding. Below you will find the initiatives for the Center for History Teaching and Learning.

Group discussion with and w/o Eric Kasper about the Bill of Rights and U.S. Constitution in the Hibbard Hall Political Science study area.

National History Day

Every year National History Day frames students' research within a historical theme. The theme is chosen for its broad application to world, national or state history. It unites all NHD participants and provides a structure for topic selection. The theme

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Photo of Dr. Patricia Turner and two students who are part of the Histroytelling project.

Historytelling is a website affiliated with the History Department and the Center for History for Teaching and Learning. It is dedicated to publicizing and making available for educational use projects that showcase ways to teach and learn.

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Students examine violin instrument

Sounds of Eau Claire

Starting in 2017, the Sounds of Eau Claire is a public history initiative studying the roots and dimensions of the current musical moment in Eau Claire and the larger Chippewa Valley region.

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Lower campus beauty on a spring day.

Past Initiatives

Past Initiatives cover two important projects in the Center for History Teaching and Learning. These projects include: Learning by Doing; and Making Americans Making America. (MAMA) These projects help provide fellowships.

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