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Virtual Chalkfest 2020

Volume One announces a virtual delivery of Chalkfest 2020

The sad news is that campus will not be bubbling with chalk artists this summer as usual, but the GOOD news is that art is an ideal medium to view online, so have no fear — Chalkfest 2020 will take place.

Thanks to Volume One and Markquart Motors, the annual summer chalk art extravaganza will take place online. The change will be temporary, and next year the campus mall at UW-Eau Claire will be full of live-action art in the making once again, but like so many other things these days, it will be a little different this time around.

Virtual event basics

  • Registration is now open, and art is to be submitted by June 12.
  • Gallery and voting is open online June 19-July 1
  • Winners announced July 7

See the Virtual Chalkfest 2020 website from V1 for all participant and viewer details.

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