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The dedication of volunteers has always been instrumental in presenting the annual Viennese Ball. The Viennese Ball Committee deeply appreciates the commitment and enthusiasm of those who volunteer their time and talents before, during and after the event. Names of volunteers are on display in the Memorabilia Room.

Volunteers are required to commit to four hours of time to volunteer duties during the week preceding the Viennese Ball, or on the day immediately following the event. Volunteer shifts are typically two to three hours long during setup, and four to five hours long during tear down.

Volunteers are issued a pass to attend the Viennese Ball on the night of their choice. The pass is valid only for the night selected.

Volunteers will be contacted about their roles.

Volunteers who attend the Viennese Ball but do not fulfill their volunteer obligations may be charged for the cost of the pass.

Volunteer Application 2019

More information:

Katy Rand
Viennese Ball Volunteer Coordinator
Email: randka@uwec.edu
Phone: (715) 836-4803



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