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Event Sponsors

The Service Center provides ticketing, ticketing staff, auditing and expertise. If you are a first-time event organizer or sponsor, please contact the Service Center Manager for an appointment to discuss your upcoming event.

Ticket Requests

Ticketing requests must be submitted two weeks prior to the first day of ticket sales. Event organizers may request ticketing staff for on-site sales and on-site audits. Please email Service Center Manager for fees.

Submit Ticket Request — UWEC Clients
Submit Ticket Request - External Clients

Ticketing Policy

  1. A minimum of two weeks before the desired "on sale" date, all event sponsors must have a signed contract on file with Event Services in addition to submitting the ticket request form.
  2. All ticketed events taking place in campus venues must utilize the Service Center Ticketing services.

  3. All groups must have state accounts and/or W9 paperwork on file with the Service Center prior to tickets going on sale.

  4. All event sponsors will use the Service Center standard ticket stock. There will be no offsite printing of tickets to be sold at the Service Center.

  5. The Service Center reserves the right to hold tickets from sale until the day of the event, for use in case of ticket errors, press tickets, VIP persons, or as "trouble" seats if warranted. Held tickets will be released in a staggered format typically two weeks before the event. Final holds will be released at the discretion of the Service Center Operations Manager the day of the event. The initial hold structure follows (subject to change):

    • Zorn Arena: 50 seats
    • Ojibwe Ballroom: 20 seats
    • Gantner Concert Hall:  20 seats
    • Riverside Theatre:  10 seats
    • Kjer Theatre: 10 seats
    • Woodland Theater: 10 seats
    • Hobbs Ice Center: 10 seats

Activities Mailing List

Administrative offices and academic departments keep a range of specialized university activities mailing lists at the Service Center. Mailing lists are compiled from information collected at previous ticketed events, as a service to sponsors. Submit requests for activities mailing lists at least five business days prior to the mailing date. The mailing list will be sent electronically from the Service Center to Mail Services. These requests will be accepted only from approved event sponsors.

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