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University Centers

Policies within the University Centers/ The Davies Center can be found at the following links.

Interim Policy on UWEC Events 

In light of guidance from state and federal agencies to suspend large events, as well as the academic need to utilize large campus spaces as physically-distanced classrooms during the coronavirus pandemic, UW-Eau Claire is cancelling existing reservations and space rentals from off-campus entities for the 2020-21 academic year.

This action will help prevent outbreaks of COVID-19 when college students return to campus this fall by limiting the number of people beyond university faculty, staff, and students utilizing shared spaces.

Accordingly, this interim policy places a moratorium on taking new reservations for off-campus entities this academic year. In-person events sponsored by university entities—including student organizations, departments, programs, and administration—will require compliance with physical distancing and personal safety guidelines, and are subject to approval from divisional heads. University organizations may not sponsor off-campus entities to help them secure room reservations. Audiences for university events should be limited to students, faculty, staff, and administrators, though some events may make live streams available for public viewing.

Decisions regarding campus events may be reconsidered as pandemic conditions change.

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