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Teaching + Learning Tools

Teaching + Learning Tools

Learn more information about teaching + learning tools offered through CETL.

The Immediate Feedback Assessment Technique that transforms traditional multiple-choice testing into interactive student learning and a more informative assessment opportunity for educators.

  • Provides students with immediate feedback about the accuracy of their answers
  • Provides students with corrective feedback until their answer is correct
  • Facilitates student learning and retention of information being tested
  • Educator easily sees the number of attempts before the correct answer is chosen
  • Can be used for exams, individual, group, review and/or sequential quizzes

CETL stocks a variety of IF-AT forms for educator use. Choose:

B-series: A-B-C-D response, 50 questions per sheet
C-series: A-B-C-D-E response, 50 questions per sheet

Contact CETL, or call them at 836-2385, to order IF-ATs for your classroom use or to have a one-on-one IF-AT consultation.

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