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Engage students with the iClicker response tool

Student response systems have become high-demand classroom tools in many classrooms, universities, and businesses across the country.

iClicker Base Codes

iClicker Base Codes

Set-up Guides

*You must log in once using this link,, to use the Private Beta version for the Roster and Grade sync feature.

*It is recommended to use the most recent software 5.0.8. To get the latest version on your desktop/laptop, click here.

iClicker Faculty Setup

iClicker Student Setup

Troubleshooting Student iClicker Accounts

Comprehensive Clicker Resource Guide
Science Education Initiative, University of British Columbia and University of Colorado

Writing good multiple choice test questions
Vanderbilt University, Center for Teaching

Student response systems have become high-demand classroom tools in many classrooms, universities, and businesses across the country.

Research on the use of student response systems has proven that whether you use the actual physical clicker or a mobile device in your classroom both the students and faculty benefit.

  • Increased student engagement with the content and each other
  • Immediate feedback while checking for understanding
  • Identifies and dispels misconceptions immediately
  • Quiz students with immediate feedback, auto-grading, and directs your teaching
  • Track attendance

UW-Eau Claire uses the iClicker student response system.

iClicker offers more than just quizzing and attendance. Here are ways that UW-Eau Claire instructors are using iClicker:

  • Enhance your lecture, break up your lecture
  • Get to know your students and have them get to know each other
  • Practice with the content
  • Think-Pair-Share
  • Peer Instruction
  • Review prep work
  • Use questions as your lecture outline
  • Pre- and Post- data collection
  • Spot check homework, reading checks
  • Opinion questions
  • Survey questions

Each student in class has a wireless handheld clicker or mobile device with which they answer questions. The instructor poses a question using the projection screen, the doc cam, white board, or verbally and the students respond with their device. The downloaded software stores a screen shot of the question and records each students' individual response as well as compiles the responses from the whole class. The instructor can display the class results or just look at them on the iClicker base to decide what to do next (pose an additional question for the students to discuss, give a hint, take away one of the distractors, spend more time on the concept, or simply move on to the next concept).

The instructor can assign credit for voting, for getting the correct response, or both. A gradebook is provided with iClicker to track student responses and to assign point values for some or all the questions. Grades can easily be transferred to the D2L gradebook to allow students to track their progress.

Contact CETL for a short meeting to get it all set up for you. Download an updated version of the software each semester. Because the data is stored in the cloud and not on your device, you do not need to worry about losing your data when you update the software.

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