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CETL/LTS e-Learning Consultants combine technical and pedagogical expertise to assist instructors to design courses that will be successful and personalized to the instructor's teaching style. We are well-versed in Canvas, Kaltura, and other relevant, up-to-date technologies as well as trends and research-based strategies to teach online effectively. We can work with anyone teaching online, hybrid, flipped, or technology-enhanced courses at UWEC.

  • Talking through your ideas: we can fill in the technical details and provide additional ideas on how to transition your face-to-face teaching strategies to an online class.
  • Making connections between course outcomes, assessments, and content.
  • Offering the student viewpoint based on our experiences as online students. We often say, "If I were a student in your class, I'd think this means..."
  • Sharing ideas and experiences from working with other online instructors.
  • Providing resources and templates to make the process easier and save you time. This includes delegating clerical and artistic tasks for your course to our students.
  • Individualized technology recommendations and training, as needed.
  • Helping set goals for completion and regular meetings or periodic check-ins on progress.
  • Technical and pedagogical assistance during the course.
  • Assistance with revisions for future offerings of the course.
  • Encouragement!

Contact April Pierson to get connected with an e-Learning Consultant.

Apply at any time!

CETL offers a limited number of stipends for development of new online courses meeting the following priority criteria:

  • Larger classes (40+) offered during the spring or fall semesters
  • Liberal education courses
  • Courses with high demand, enrollment, and/or waiting lists
  • Prerequisite courses for majors
  • Instructors who have not previously taught online

The stipend is $500 per credit, paid upon completion of the course. To receive funding, courses must meet Online Course Quality Criteria Sept 2019.

Apply at any time; applications are reviewed periodically and funding is usually allocated in October and February. 

We are able to offer a limited number of stipends to redesign online courses. If your course is more than a few years old, there are new technologies and strategies that can make it more engaging and save you time. The payment for a redesign is a total of $500. The same course quality criteria apply to redesigns and newly developed courses. Apply at least three months before your course is scheduled to begin.

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