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Frequently Asked Questions for UWEC Campus Climate Survey

What is a campus climate survey?

The campus climate survey is an effort to understand the overall climate at UW-Eau Claire. The term, climate, is being used in this context to mean: The working and learning environment at UW- Eau Claire, particularly as it relates to access, inclusion, and level of respect for individual and group needs, abilities, and potential.

Why is UW-Eau Claire conducting a campus climate survey?

The University of Wisconsin -Eau Claire is committed to fostering a campus climate that is welcoming and inclusive. To assist in our efforts to achieve this goal, we need to hear from all campus members. The survey will provide useful information to improve the campus climate for everyone.

Who will take the survey?

All UWEC members 18 years and older can take the survey. There is a survey specifically for students and another one specifically for employees. Our ultimate goal is for everyone to take it! But if we reach our minimum goal of 6000 responders, big prizes will be available! This number represents about half of all campus members and would be a really good turn-out for a campus-wide survey like this one.

When will the survey be available?

The survey will open February 23 and can be taken up to and including March 14.

How long will campus members have to take the survey?

The survey will be open for 3 weeks.

What do I get if I take the survey?

There will be multiple chances to win a prize for simply taking the survey. After you take the survey you can choose to have your name entered into prize drawings. Small and Medium prizes will be given out as more and more people take the survey. Several LARGE prizes will be given out once we reach the 6000 goal mark!

What is done with all the information collected?

The UWEC Climate Survey team will analyze all the information collected to learn what contributes to a positive climate on campus and identify barriers and areas for improvement. Results will be shared with the university community. The results of the survey will provide important information about our climate and will enable us to improve the environment for working, living, and learning at the University.

Will anyone be able to identify my answers to the survey questions?

No one will be able to identify or connect answers with an individual person. The survey is designed to collect information around broad categories but will not include details that could identify a particular person. Only group data will be reported. If you enter the prize drawings, your name will be separated from the survey you completed.

Who will see the results of the survey?

Although responses to each question will be seen by members of the Climate Survey team, no one will be able to connect an individual to their responses. Results presented to the university community will be as group data, prepared in easy-to-understand formats that can be uploaded to the university website or shared in meetings.

When will the results be available to the entire campus?

Preliminary results will be available by the end of the academic year-May 2015- with more detailed results released throughout the 2015-16 academic year. The results of the survey will provide important information about our climate and will help us in our efforts to ensure that the environment at the University is conducive to working, living, and learning.

Why should I bother to take the survey?

Your views matter! To improve the overall climate at UWEC requires hearing from as many campus members as possible. Your input is very valuable. Participating in the survey is an easy way to make a positive difference.