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COVID-19 Policies and Procedures

Stay informed of what to expect with on-campus living

We are looking forward to meeting you soon as you arrive to live on campus! This page is designed to keep you informed of what to expect with on-campus living. There are many moving parts as we take in the ever-changing information and guidance from local county health officials, but you can find the most up-to-date information on this page.

Residence Hall Community Standards

Daily Health Monitoring

Every member of the UW-Eau Claire community will be required to monitor their health symptoms, and call Student Health Services if they are not feeling well.  Students experiencing COVID-19 symptoms must not report to an on-campus workplace, the dining centers, or classrooms.

Physical Distancing

At all times indoors, residents are encouraged to maintain 6 feet of physical distance, to prevent the inhalation of air droplets expelled by others.


The measures outlined in this policy are mandatory.

This policy provides for progressive discipline in the residence halls and in the University discipline system that for repeat offenses could result in suspension/dismissal from the University. 

The following policies and procedures are based upon what is known at present and may change at any time given dynamic nature of the COVID pandemic, and the recommendations and requirements of the City/County Health Department.  Should the safety of residence hall students warrant updated procedures, those changes will be updated on this site. 

Should the offense be referred to the Dean of Students Office, University discipline may include:

  • Level 1 Violation – Warning (reported to Dean of Students Office)
  • Level 2 Violation – Disciplinary Reprimand and/or Probation
  • Level 3 Violation – Suspension or Expulsion from UW-Eau Claire
  • Students who develop symptoms should contact Student Health Services during normal business hours or the local health care system on evenings and weekends.
  • Students experiencing symptoms should not go to the antigen testing site or to Student Health Services, but should call Student Health Services at 715-836-5075.  They will provide instructions regarding where to report for a PCR test.
  • Isolation spaces are used for students who have tested positive.  These students must isolate for 10 days from the date of exposure, and remain in isolation until released by Student Health Services or Eau Claire City-County Health Department.  In the new CDC guidelines, students may be released to non-congregate housing starting on Day 6.  Students may not return to congregate housing until Day 11.  Congregate housing includes all traditional residence hall rooms, or any location in which the bedroom is shared.  Non-congregate housing includes single bedrooms in apartments or suites.
  • Quarantine spaces are used for students who may have been in contact with person who tested positive for COVID-19.  Students must remain in quarantine for a period of 10 days as directed by Student Health Service or Eau Claire City-County Health Department, and may only leave their room for a medical appointment.  The same limited release on Day 6may be available for students as described for isolation.
  • Quarantine and isolation spaces are limited for Summer 2022 to only those with an on-campus housing contract.
  • UWEC Student Health Services or County Health (or in rare cases students themselves) will notify the Housing Office at 715-836-3674 that a student needs isolation or quarantine.
    • The student will then be assigned a SINGLE room within Putnam or Thomas (isolation students may be assigned to a DOUBLE if space becomes limited).
    • The Housing Office will provide instructions regarding how to check in.
  • Within the rooms Housing will furnish:
    • Basic Furniture (bed, dresser, desk, chair)
    • Bath Tissue
    • Linens: pillow(1), blanket (1), sheets (2), towels (2), washcloths (2)
    • Refrigerator upon request but students are highly encouraged to bring their own units
  • Students are advised to bring:
    • Comfortable clothing (14 day's worth)
    • Personal toiletries (comb/hairbrush, soap, deodorant, etc.)
    • Medications
    • Eyeglasses/contact lenses
    • Cell phone, laptop, earbuds/headphones, chargers, etc.
    • All academic coursework materials
    • Snacks (3 meals per day will be delivered)
  • Meal and Incidental Delivery
    • For students with a meal plan, a form will be provided in your isolate/quarantine email to initiate the delivery. Dining Services will prepare 3 meals per day, which will be dropped off once per day near 5 pm.
    • Students in Putnam isolation who want to make a food delivery order from local restaurants must do so between the designated hours 5pm-7pm and email  to notify Housing staff to indicate a delivery order has been placed. Student staff will be available within the designated hours at Putnam Hall and will accept the delivery and place at the student’s door. Students in quarantine at Thomas Hall may meet the delivery person at the Thomas Door.
  • Mail and Packages
    • Students who want to have mail or packages delivered to their isolation, bunker or quarantine space, should fill out the Mail Form at My Housing Portal, Misc, Mail Delivery. Housing staff will then work to have your items delivered to you.
  • Completion of Time
    • Students should work with Student Health Services regarding when the transition back to the general population will occur.  Students must notify your Hall Director when you have left COVID assignment.
  • Bathroom Cleaning
    • Students are responsible for the daily maintenance of their bathroom space.  Custodial staff will clean once per week.
    • Students will be given their own individual roll of toiletry that they should carry back and forth as needed.
  • Need Assistance/Check-Ins
    • Students should contact the RA Duty phone for their residence hall if they need assistance.
  • All guests should be discussed with roommate and registered at the security desk if present in the evening. There is no guest limit but all guests need to escorted through the building by the student host and the housing policies indicate that guests may stay no more than 3 consecutive nights within a 7 day period.

  • Community Kitchens: Students will be able to use kitchens when front desks are open. The desk worker will check out the kitchen key (see your hall check-out policies at the front desk) to an assigned resident within the designated hall only. The student is expected to clean all items used within the kitchen as well as countertops after use. Once the student returns the key, the desk worker will inspect the kitchen for cleanliness as well as disinfect all surfaces.
  • Vacuums: Available for use on each floor. Cleaning supplies will be available within close proximity should the resident want to wipe the vacuum down.
  • Music practice rooms: These rooms will be open for fall semester, residents are responsible for disinfecting pianos/keyboards before and after each use.
  • Laundry rooms: Students should socially distance within the laundry rooms. Disinfectant supplies are available within each laundry room.
  • Vending Machines: Unknown at this time as we are working with the outside vendor to verify if they will be servicing the machines.
  • Front Desk:
    • The Towers Front Desk will remain a 24-hour desk operation for any student needs as well as centralized mail pick-up location for upper campus students.
    • All other hall desks will have designated hours of operation each evening. Look for posted hours in your hall.
    • Towers, Thomas and Oak Ridge front desks will also offer a vending operation selling pizza and cheese fries in addition to an assortment of drink options.
  • Fitness Rooms: These rooms will be closed for the fall semester to allow our staff to focus attention on higher traffic area cleaning. Students will be referred to Crest Wellness Center memberships for fitness needs.
  • Printing Stations:  Centralized printing stations will remain available within the residence halls.
  • Drinking Fountains: The water bottle filler will be accessible, but student should not use the drinking spigot.
  • Student rooms were cleaned over the summer with Oxivir, a fast-acting, broad-spectrum disinfectant. All surfaces of each piece of furniture will be disinfected prior to the student’s arrival.
  • Students are expected to clean and disinfect their rooms on a regular basis. Disinfecting supplies will be available within each hall.
  • Bathrooms: Full-time custodians will thoroughly deep clean each bathroom daily. Additionally, student cleaning crews will re-disinfect fixtures in the mid-afternoon and again in the late evening.
  • Common areas:
    • Tabletops and door handles will be disinfected daily by custodial staff.
    • Cleaning supplies will be provided in the centralized locations near lounges so students can also self-disinfect a table prior to and after use.
    • Additionally, resident assistants will disinfect tabletops and door handles once each evening on building rounds.
  • Students are encouraged to bring additional cleaning supplies to keep their personal spaces clean and may want to consider disinfecting wipes to clean fixtures prior to and after use.
  • A professional staff member, the Hall Director who lives in each residence hall, manages the day-to-day operations of the building, including supervising the Resident Assistant staff and advising the Hall Council. Their office is centrally located on the main floor of the building and they are a clearinghouse of campus information.
  • Each wing/floor has an assigned Resident Assistant, a student that is highly trained to assist students with academic, mental health, and social needs. Part of the RAs duties includes creating community-building opportunities and programming to connect students with campus resources or provide outside the classroom educational opportunities.

We are excited to offer both in-person and virtual community development opportunities to connect you with students among your hall as well as connect you with the resources and tools to be successful both academically and socially. Living on campus provides so many benefits from access to campus resources, connecting with other students, diverse environments to engage and challenge you, as well as close access to dining halls, and academic and study spaces to launch you toward success at UWEC.

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