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Living Learning Communities

Learn where you live

Housing and Residence Life offers several exciting living options for students called Living Learning Communities. These communities create a dynamic learning environment for students by providing experiences connected to a topic unique to their residence hall. Living in a Learning Community is a great way to meet people who share similar interests and interact with a variety of faculty and staff who possess expertise in your interest area. Fully participating in an LLC also offers you the opportunity to start on, or even complete your Service Learning hours through a team project.

Note that you will have the opportunity to preference your top two LLC choices in your housing application.

Students who participate fully in the Living Learning Community program will:

  • Be knowledgeable about campus resources, and find motivation to use them.
  • Take on leadership roles within and contribute to the growing dynamic of the LLC.
  • Feel an increased sense of belonging, purpose, and connection.
  • Be better prepared for transition into sophomore year.
  • Obtain an understanding of what it means to achieve independence.
  • Set goals for what you want to accomplish in your four years, and a plan to achieve it.
  • Fulfill their UWEC Service Learning requirements
  • Create memories that will last a lifetime.

Course Recommendations/Requirements will be sent to each student, along with their housing assignment, prior to Summer Orientation. Please work with your Academic Adviser to enroll in LLC affiliated course(s).

Living Learning Communities

Watch for exciting information coming by February about more Living Learning Communities options.

The Hmong Culture LLC is designed to provide a supportive and encouraging environment for students who are interested in learning about Hmong heritage, history and culture.  This community is designed for all students: those who personally identify with their Hmong heritage as well as students who are non-Hmong and have an interest in Hmong Culture for their personal, academic and professional development.

Students will also take part in monthly activities aimed at sharing both traditional and contemporary Hmong cultural practices in a fun and social way. Participants will be able to join together in travel/immersion programs to learn about the development of Hmong culture in other areas of the United States. The Hmong Culture LLC will work together to raise funds and secure grants to make trips affordable for students.

Program Location: Governors Hall 
Program Prerequisites: none
Program Requirements: Incoming first-year students of this community are required to take Hmong language course in the Fall semester, and a Hmong history and culture course taught in the Spring semester. Contact Charles Vue, Associate Director of the Office of Multicultural Affairs (OMA) for logistics in enrolling in the program. or 715-836-3367

Students accepted into the University Honors Program may join the Honors Learning Community on a first-come, first-served basis. Located in Bridgman Hall and led by dynamic Honors RAs and Honors student mentors, the entire Bridgman Community houses approximately 242 honors students who live, study, play and grow together with like-minded peers!

The community will be a center for the vibrant intellectual, cultural and social life of the university honors program. Classes, films, discussions and socials will be hosted by the Honors Learning Community. Members will enroll in a minimum of three Honors course credits per semester and participate in the University Honors Program. Membership in the community is available to students in good Honors standing for a minimum of two years.

Program Location: Bridgman Hall
Program Pre-Requisites: Must be accepted into the University Honors Program
Program Requirements: Must enroll in Honors courses and maintain Honors status

Benefits of Living Learning Communities

In a LLC you will take a course (or choose from a variety of courses) that focuses on the LLC theme. You'll also benefit from:

  • Stimulating events and activities
  • Increased interaction with faculty
  • Regular topic discussions in your hall
  • Smoother social and academic adjustment
  • Volunteer opportunities
  • Specially-trained students and staff who create experiences related to your LLC theme

How do I join?

Once you have been accepted to the University and paid the $75 housing deposit, you should complete your online housing application. While you are inside the online housing application, you will be prompted to complete the section about Living Learning Communities.  If you have a specific person in mind for a roommate, make sure they apply for the same Living Learning Community.  Please note that students interested in the Honors LLC must be accepted into the University Honors Program as a pre-requisite.

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We want UW-Eau Claire to feel like your home away from home. Some of our residence halls house a living learning community. Consider joining one to participate in fun programming and meet new people!

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