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Promoting wellness in the Residence Halls

Swell (Student Wellness) is a Housing and Residence Life committee dedicated to reducing high-risk drinking behaviors and drug use, preventing sexual assault, and promoting a holistic vision of wellness through education.

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Being An Active Bystander at UW-Eau Claire

An active bystander is a person who stands up to oppressive or insensitive acts, words, phrases, gestures, and conversations. It helps bring a closer community and to challenge those things that may be harmful towards others. The Risky Business Committee has created an acronym to help you remember the steps about being an active bystander student!

R- Recognize the Situation: Be aware of your surroundings. If you notice a potentially dangerous situation arising and interpret it as a problem, do not ignore it. Make an effort to see what is going on and look for red flags.

E- Engage Peers: Make those around you aware of the situation. Enlist and encourage peers to approach the situation with you. Call emergency personnel if it appears dangerous.

A- Accountability: Assume personal responsibility for the situation. It is important to take the initial action during the situation. Do NOT wait around for other people to notice or assume that others will help if you do not.

C- Create a Plan: Think of possible solutions to the problem. Pick the option that best solves the problem, while still keeping your safety as apriority.

T- Take Action: Implement the plan you created. Unless there is immediate personal danger, do not leave the situation until it has been resolved and everyone involved is safe.

By following these steps, you can protect others from experiencing harmful and damaging situations. Be involved. REACT.

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