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Cable TV Service

Information about cable TV services

Housing and Residence Life offers high-quality digital TV service, which provides more channels and increased HD content. This HD digital signal uses a QAM (Quadrature Amplitude Modulation) method for transmission. As some TV's do not come with a QAM tuner built in, a QAM tuner box may be needed in order to a receive a signal on your TV.

Need a Digital Conversion (QAM) Tuner?

How to tell if my TV has a QAM Tuner
Information on connecting your TV to Housing Cable TV 

Cable Channel Lineup

Housing & Residence Life's TV Listings


Information on TV10 and online streaming options.

Need Help?

If you are experiencing problems with your cable TV in your Residence Hall room, please contact our ResCom Help Desk at 715.855.4271 or

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