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Below you'll find more information for our most commonly asked questions.

How do I fix a transaction error on my meal plan?

If a transaction error should occur when a particular meal is purchased, the meal plan participant should contact Blugold Dining, 715-836-5261, to have the transaction error corrected.

Can I buy a meal for my friend?

Yes. All dining locations have a set pricing for anyone not on a meal plan, which you may pay by using meal plan dollars, cash or your Blugold Account.

How do I add money to my meal plan dollar account?

You can't.  The meal plan dollar account is billed with an on-campus meal plan to your tuition statement each semester. 

If you would like to add money to your ID card, you may use your Blugold or Diner's Club accounts.  These deposits may be made at Blugold Card Services or on-line through eAccounts.

Essential information can be given to parents or anyone else who will make online deposits to your accounts using Discover, MasterCard or Visa.

Can I track how much I have spent?

Yes. You can access your meal plan online through eAccounts.  There is also an app you can download called "eAccounts Mobile" for Android and iPhone for easy on-the-go tracking.  eAccounts does not track block meals. 

You can also ask the cashier in the Blugold Card Office located in Davies Center.

Where do I get a Bulk Food Order Form?

Please contact us at or call 715.836.5261 to get the latest Bulk Food Order Form.  This is typically released at the end of each semester.   


Who can I contact for more information?

Visit Blugold Dining, Davies Center 250
Phone 715-836-5261

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