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Student Leadership

Grow as a leader

We want all Blugold students to reach their full potential, academically and personally. Providing various paths to development of leadership skills serves Blugolds down the road in careers and in life. Our priority is to create multiple and diverse ways for students to express and develop their inner leader. This can take all forms, from serving on Student Senate to becoming a part of a social awareness campaign on campus. Through a series of programs, conferences and events each academic year, students can dabble or go “all in” in their pursuit of leadership roles and opportunities.

Leadership growth opportunities and events 

An incredible opportunity to take part in student leadership at its finest is Student Senate. Student Senate is a group of yearly elected student leaders charged with representing the student body at university, local, state and federal levels. They also make the very important decisions about allocations of student segregated fees, which are used to pay and supplement costs of services and programs that greatly enhance student life on this campus. 

Student Senate also sponsors committees and student commissions that do not require membership on Student Senate. These include things like helping to select campus events, films and activities.

For more information about Student Senate, visit the Student Senate website email

This is a nine-week, non-credit seminar available for a maximum of 20 students each semester. It is a small group setting intended to allow students to explore leadership topics and concepts among peers and test out applying these concepts to “real life.” Seminar students also examine the history of leadership, learn about their personal strengths, and identify strategies for bringing about effective change in multiple settings.

We Lead is a free half-day program open to all students from UW-Eau Claire, UW-Stout and Chippewa Valley Technical College. Whether you’re a new leader, an experienced leader, or not even sure if you’re a leader, this opportunity is designed with you in mind. The day features keynote speakers, breakout sessions and presenters from all levels of student leadership.  

This event takes place each fall on the campus mall and provides a casual and easy way to browse the many opportunities on campus to take part in leadership roles of all different sorts. Campus services and departments, student organizations and community groups can request to be represented at the fair.  

Blugolds for Better is a program designed to connect students with non-profit organizations and agencies across the Chippewa Valley.  Students are able to experience different types of volunteer work at various locations, while fulfilling their Service Learning requirement and learning all about volunteerism in our community.

This program is intended to gather student leaders from across campus and give them the opportunity to work together toward a common project or goal related to leadership. They work with a staff mentor, set up a work session schedule, attend a retreat, and complete their project or goal along with a reflection of the process. Some past circles have taken on projects like:

  • A Make-a-Wish benefit concert
  • A documentary film related to fashion and the environment
  • Earth Day carnival

We all look forward to Spring Break every year, whether we are taking a relaxing trip, catching up on work or class, or just chilling out at home with family. Blugolds have yet another option to consider, and for some, it has proven to be life-changing. The AIL office currently offers a yearly immersion program to Indianapolis called “From Servant Leadership to Social Justice,” an experience that examines poverty, homelessness and socioeconomics. Students who have gone on this immersion program say year after year that the bonding among students and the eye-opening exposure to these facets of society was a very rewarding experience.

This annual spring event is a student leadership conference organized and presented entirely by students. It is offered as a supplement to the fall We Lead conference, and is open to all interested students.

Student Senate
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