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Purchase Course Book Buyback

Book Buyback

The University Bookstore will buy back your used purchase course books during finals week. You may receive up to 50% of the book’s selling price under these conditions:

  • The book has been requested by an instructor for required use during the next fall or spring term.
  • The University Bookstore is not overstocked on the book

If those conditions are not met, the price offered to you will be based upon the current national demand.

All books must be in good condition. Study guides and workbooks must be in "like new" condition, with no writing on their pages.

Some books have little or no monetary value. Out-of-print books and old editions are not in national demand, and the University Bookstore cannot buy them.

Do not sell us your rental textbooks. It is your responsibility to return them to the Instructional Resource Rental Department either before or during finals week.

For the protection of UW-Eau Claire students and their property, we require the presentation of a valid student Blugold Card during Book Buyback transactions.

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