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All applications for employment in the University Bookstore are accepted through the Barnes & Noble College Booksellers career opportunities website.

Choose "Bookseller" from the Store Job Title menu. 

Select  "WI - Eau Claire - University of Wisconsin - Eau Claire"
from the Store Location menu.

Career opportunities at Barnes and Noble

Bestseller Management Development Program

Booksellers are eligible for the Barnes & Noble Bestseller Management Development Program after three months of employment. This is a 24-month program (negotiable) dealing with all aspects of store management, book merchandising, general merchandise, marketing and campus outreach, and special projects to prepare participants for a career in retail management. Since 2005 the University Bookstore at UW-Eau Claire has trained and placed three Bestsellers as Barnes & Noble Managers.

Program Overview

The Bestseller Management Development Program is designed to help build and strengthen our pool of talent for all levels of our Store Management Team. This unique program combines on-the-job training and special projects to prepare participants for a career in retail management with Barnes & Noble College, the nation’s leading academic retailer.

This 24-month program allows participants to engage in all aspects of store management, book merchandising, general merchandise, marketing, and campus outreach under the guidance of a Store Mentor. The mentor helps ensure a successful completion of the program and assists in the graduate’s placement as a supervisor or manager.

Participants graduate upon completing a rigorous curriculum of learning activities and assessments. The Store Mentor completes a final appraisal/recommendation at the end of the program and the graduate is then eligible to interview for supervisory positions within Barnes & Noble College based on their interests and performance.

If a graduate of the program accepts a supervisory position within 12 months of graduation, they are eligible for a Getting Started Bonus. Our most successful candidates are open to relocation upon graduation.

Eligibility Requirements

  • All booksellers are eligible to apply for the program after completing three months of employment.
  • Prospective candidates must complete the application and interview with both their Store and Regional Manager.
  • Candidates must be available to work a minimum of 6 hours per week.
  • Candidates must be authorized to work in the U.S. and work authorization must extend for a minimum of one year following graduation from the program.
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