Differential Tuition Proposal Process

How is Blugold Commitment Differential Tuition Spent?

The Blugold Commitment is a partnership; students, faculty, and staff work together to build the spending plan for Blugold Commitment. This process is defined by the UW-Eau Claire Student Senate bylaws

The level of direct student involvement in funding decisions make the Blugold Commitment unlike any other differentialtuition program in the nation. Through an annual proposal process, Blugold Commitment funds are allocated to support positions, programs, and projects. The proposal process is managed by Academic Affairs in the Office of the Provost. Working with input from Student Senate leadership, Academic Affairs issues an annual call for proposals, with criteria specific to each call. Faculty, staff, and students across campus develop proposals and submit them through their division administration. Administrators review and rank proposals and forward them to Academic Affairs.

Proposals are then reviewed by Categorical Review Committees made up of UW-Eau Claire faculty, staff, and students. Each Categorical Review Committee evaluates proposals and make recommendations for funding support based on the merits of the proposal; the information provided in the administrative review; and alignment of the position, program, or project with the goals of the Blugold Commitment.

The proposals and all proceeding reviews are then forwarded to the Funding Analysis Committee. The Funding Analysis Committee is comprised of Academic Affairs staff members and members of Student Senate leadership. The Funding Analysis Committee reviews the proposals and makes funding recommendations based on recommendations gathered during the previous review phases. The Funding Analysis Committee works to develop an overall spending plan for Blugold Commitment that reflects the highest priority proposals and recommendations, meets the goals of the Blugold Commitment, and is cohesive with the overall University mission.
The recommended spending plan is then forwarded as a bill for approval by Student Senate. The bill requires a simple affirmative majority vote.The spending plan is then sent to the Chancellor for final approval.

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Proposal Process

Current Call for Proposals:

Due to the tuition freeze, the campus-wide proposal process to solicit new proposals for multiple-year or one-time funding for 2014-15 and beyond is suspended.

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